Rise Up !

I just watched CBS world news they reported about a baby girl who has leukemia and she and other cancer patients are not getting the medication that they need to survive because drug manufactures are slowing or stopping to make them because they can't make a profit! That's what's going to happen to all disease's they reported. They reported they we should write to the White House to demand to do something and also to fast track drugs or possible cures . So I just sent a letter to Washington DC . I encourage we all Rise Up !


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  • Yes, let's speak up in any way we can. We can't complain if we don't complain (?)

  • That's very true Pat.

  • Thanks Anthony. You aare right we need to get the word out.

  • Thanks Anthony, who and where did you write to?

  • The White House

    The President

  • and that is it, it will get there that way?

  • Yes

  • thanks anthony i will write also, but we must keep one writing......one letter won;t do it...................

  • Great advocacy! In fact, the Parkinson's Action Network at parkinsonsaction.org is on top of Parkinson's issues that come before congress. They also influence votes and recommend changes in Medicare, FDA, NIH and other agencies that affect the lives of people living with PD. The good news is, you can all join the fight by going to their website and signing up for action alerts. Its easy and your information is safe. I am now an e-advocate and write congress and the white house all the time. I encourage you to check it out.

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