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Appointment with Consultant

I have a long awaited appointment with my newly appointed Consultant next week and am delighted to find out that she is the Consultant in charge of the new national Survey based at my local hospital.Unfortunately I do not fit in with the remit needed to take part in this Survey, but are more reassured that I have a Consultant specialising in Parkinsons (see my previous posts).

My appointment is due to be with a Consultant as I have not seen one for sometime, but of course this is not written in stone. Will have to wait and see.

Now to get my questions down on paper!!

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Vgood news sue.

I hope u get some Qs. Answered st your next appt with her

Lol Jill



hi sue - hope you do get to see the cnsultant - a tip - when you register , make sure the receps know that you are booked to see the consultant -- good luck xx


Hope you see her and no one else. Don't forget to take your list of questions with you!


GOod idea. Can someone go with you to help you note the answers?


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