Make Friends with PD


make friends with your PD, today!

because, you see,

you have it,

and it won't go away:

until there is a cure someday!

it surely is an unwelcome guest,

and a most horrific pest,

but if you don't befriend it NOW,

your life will MOST surely be the PITS, AND HOW!

I know it is not easy, but all you can do is try!

we need to be patient,

for me, myself,

and I!


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  • would you hate me if I said I can never make parkinson's my friend? I cannot, and I spend every moment of my life battling it, conscious or not.

    Moving , thinking , speaking, living ,loving , all compromised.

    No friend of malice intended!

  • Definition of a friend...Someone that "helps" you through the difficult times in life...Making life more enjoyable.

    PD is not my friend.

  • I wrote this 9 years ago,Its 9 this month since my diagnosis,I wrote this in two parts ,the night before the appointment and the day after diagnosis.Your post reminded me of it

    Diagnosis Day.My D Day

    A visitor came knocking on my door,

    so gently at first I did not hear,

    Again and again the visitor came,

    each time knocking more loudly than before.

    Yes I hear you,

    the knocking fills me with fear,

    I know I have to let you in,

    What will happen when I do,

    If I unlock the door is it over to you.

    Are you my enemy,

    will you be my friend .

    can I embrace you,

    must I face you.

    worry not

    of course I do

    every time I think of you

    Tomorrow is another day

    brave I must be

    the door beckons me

    on the other side ,

    you I will see

    The deed is done the key is turned,

    I want to run away but you wont be spurned

    I know who you are,

    we have no choice

    at last I listen to your voice

    I smile

    I feel better knowing you

  • Well said, Purplepixie!

    It IS the enemy, but if we don't befriend it we will suffer more! Jesus said "Love your enemies! " It is an unwelcome guest in our house, for sure; (the self, body, etc.), but if you keep railing at it, it only makes you suffer more. It only makes matters worse in my opinion.


  • i didnt come to terms overnight,I cried for weeks,couldnt say the words PD and telling anyone no way I could.Why because I didnt want it,I remembered when being told,one thought ,was well at least I am not going to die.Then there was the poison they called medication,made me feel it was making me worse,side effects,they dont really tell you how awefull you might feel adjusting to side effects and adjustig again every time you increase your medication.I dont know how or when I got there but eventually I did were talking several years

    My thought now on reflection;

    The life plans may need a tweek but you are alive and very much have a future.

    Remember, remember, The person you are, you were yesterday, but knowing changes us for ever. Who I was and am is a constant, but fear from within myself and changed perceptions all around me and we become to frequently lost in pre shaped Life Outcomes.

    We instantly catapult ourselves toward the inevitability of disability.This is the prescribed life outcome .Medicines,percieved support prescribed as care and expected decline The person that you are now a patient a voice,no one noticing or looking and listening, ‘ youve become an illness.’

    As an illness life takes on a new sense of urgency . Typically attempting to understand the rate of degeneration with questions such as, “What will I be like in five, ten and fiifteen years from now?” .Thats the real problem,bin the crystal ball,and live dont waste it.

  • Well said. I'm sure we all identify with what you have written. Encompasses everything about our abilities and disablities. Thank you.

  • Hi drew,

    Glad you understood my insight on this! :-)


  • This is just another thing in life we must deal with. I am dealing with it as I can, but I will overcome all my disabilities some how. I have a positive attitude and a strong Faith in God. "PD WILL NOT OVERCOME ME"


  • Right on, gracm! I have PD but it does NOT HAVE ME!!! GOD BLESS!


  • I consider PD as more of an enemy than a friend.If you have an enemy the best thing you can do is learn all you can about them.This is the way to fight them. Knowlege is power someone once told me ,and its true. The more you know the better you can fight.

  • Hi Brooke! But we need to make friends with the enemy, even tho it is our opponent. Keep fighting the good fight Brooke! Ii fight it too, every day! Carry on! :-)

  • Brooke, I agree with you..."Knowledge is the only way to "fight" the enemy"...In knowledge their is understanding and strength.

  • hi

    i agr ee knowledge is power

    lol JIll

  • Hi

    I agree. The enemy is best dealt with by knowledge not ignorance .

    But not e,one can desl with that knowing what willl /might happen .i personally have always been keen to know about others problems as it helps keeps ones own in peeped give.

    Lol Jill.


  • I was relieved at first. My symptoms were bothersome but I could do most everything until I started getting injuries. Now it's more than bothersome and I'm starting to get p@@@ed! Friend or enemy it's here and the relationship is in negotiation.

  • Hi PatV!

    Negotiation! Yes. A love hate thing. But, if you hate it, it will hate you back...

    Keep the faith!

    JEG :-)

  • I am sorry to have to say that I will never accept Parkinsons as a friend. My friends are those I invite into my life. I did not ask Parkinsons to join my life and in my eyes that means it is an inruder and someone I will Always fight.

    This does not mean to say that I do not realise that it is a part of my life 24/7 and that I, alone, do not have the power to shift it. I enjoy spending time with my friends, accept their help when I need it and hope I am always there if they need me.

    I am afraid that I cannot equate my definition of a friend with Parkinsons. That is not to say that I don't appreciate that we all deal with things in our own way. I sometimes wish that I could feel your way, but I am a FIGHTER for what I believe in.

    Please that these are only my views and that I do not wish to offend you.

  • no offense taken, Court. Perhaps you don't really understand what I mean, and this is no offense to to you! I fight PD everyday of my life, and I am not on any meds- AND don't want to be!!!!

    Here is a poem by the 13th century Persian poet/mystic/seeker, Rumi:


    This being human is a guest house.

    Every morning a new arrival.

    A joy, a depression, a meanness,

    some momentary awareness comes

    as an unwanted visitor.

    Welcome and entertain them all!

    Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,

    who violently sweep your house

    empty of its furniture,

    still, treat each guest honorably.

    He may be clearing you out

    for some new delight.

    The dark thought, the shame, the malice,

    meet them at the door laughing,

    and invite them in.

    Be grateful for whoever comes,

    because each has been sent

    as a guide from beyond.

    We have a right to be angry! I am not happy about this guest in "my house", either! And I am fighter as well. But fighting with love for YOURSELF, and fighting THE FOE with HATE, are two different things. I am so sorry that you don't get it. The point is to fight the good fight, not with vengeance. Befriending it doesn't mean LIKING it! I.e we have to make Peace with it!!!!!!!




  • It is not that I don't get what you are saying, I do, it is just I believe we all have to come to accept Parkinsons in our own way. Neither my way or your is better than the other, just different ways of coping.

    I am not filled with hate, I live my life to the full and enjoying life, most of the time. My life is very busy so I do not have the time or the inclination to hate anything. I just need to understand all I can about the best way to deal with not only my present, but also my future.

    I envy you for not being on any meds, they mess with your feelings, but unfortuntely I need them to enable me to function.

    I am sure that we are both coming from the same place and dealing with our situation to the best of our ability.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Sue :-)

  • I respect your position, Sue! I appreciate it and perhaps you have been dealing with it longer than me. I am lucky to not be on meds. I could take them, , and I tried last year, but they made me sicker than the PD..So, onward and upward. Thanks for sharing your very real and honest position.

    This diagnosis changed my life . I was a professional violist!

    Peace! JEG


  • How life changing that must have been for you. I recently saw a programme about Barbara Thompson who is a professional saxophonist with Parkinsons and she was truly inspiring, but I cannot begin to imagine how you are coping.

    One comment I feel I should make is that I came to terms with my diagnosis immediately, probably because I had a cousin with a different kind of Parkinsons. She never asked 'why me?' and neither did I. I think I took my way of coping from her and I still miss her every day of my life.

    She and my faith helped me tremendously.

    Sorry if I am rambling and I meant no disrespect in my earlier comments.


  • Hinsue

    I agree

    I came to terms with this PSP Immmediateky and have had a couple of low tomes when I hate it but I knpow I have to get on with it

    Lol jill

  • Forgot the


  • I also saw the Barbara Thompson programme and found it inspiring. What also came over was the tremendous support she had from partner and friends and it also implied that their financial position and her fame as a musician was also a great help with regard to treatment.

    Like you, Court, I came to terms with my diagnosis fairly quickly, and my faith helps me, too.

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