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Lifes Abuse

It's gone.

You know,

that expectation

of what might be.

Ruined by

a harsh slap

across the face,

the slam

into the wall,

the kick

while your down.

I'm just going to

lay here for awhile.

I can see

the sunlight

under the door,

shadows move around me,

a breeze blows

through the window,

curtains flutttering.

The cat curls up

beside me

on the floor,


of my bruised

and battered body,

a peaceful warmth

against my skin.

Soon there's silence

in my head

and a sigh

escapes my lips,

anger builds,

and tears

begin to fall.

What keeps me down,

my future unknown?

What could be worse

than letting

my fear

cripple me?

The cat scurries away

as I pick myself up

off the floor.


Sometimes life itself is an abusive relationship...

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Before I had PD I never expected to go to Africa.

Now I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Before I had PD I never expected to bike across Iowa.

Now I've done it twice.

Before...I hardly knew where Nepal was.

Now I'm ready to climb to Annapurna base camp.

Problem or opportunity?

Half empty? Half full?

The only regrets I'll have is when I have an opportunity and don't take it.


I found this, once again, compelling reading and could see a picture in my mind.


You paint the canvas well--I see myself crumpled on the floor.


This is truly something to always remember. Thanks.


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