I've been trying to find something wrong with the sweetener, Stevia. Anybody know of any?

I need to cut back on processed sugar. It's probably my worst eating habit. I've been warned away from all artificial sweeteners but have read only positive things about Stevia. Apparently, it's been used overseas for years without adverse affect, but it's FDA approval has been thwarted by special interests, which really stinks as it's been a known, healthier alternative to regular sugar and artificial sweeteners. Any thoughts out there?

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  • I use it. It doesn't have that aftertaste like splenda, Sweet/Low or the blue one. A little stevia goes a long way. What about using Honey or Agave to sweeten things theyr'e good too. I still like natural sugar the best- it hasn't been processed or chemically changed.

  • I use organic palm sugar which is recommended for diabetic people. I found there is better taste than stevia

  • thanks, G! i mostly use sugar with coffee. honey with coffee? i dunno.

  • liquid stevia tastes better than powdered stevia IMO. they have different flavors of liquid stevia like toffee or vanilla. i personally use raw sugar. one packet for a cup of tea.

  • Check out Dr Oz's web site. He always comes up with what is good for you and not gain weight. I saw what he had for sugar and I think you can buy it at the store if not it will be at a health food store. I will check and see if I have it stored on my computer and get back with you.

  • Perfectsweet from waitrose or on line. Its xylotol...natural plant extract..does not affect sugar levels in the body...my nutritionist advised it. Others are not safe.

    I use manuka honey for its healing properties sometimes or acacia honey as it does not solidify.

  • Why are you trying to find something wrong with the product is my first question.Second do you think it is causing you a specific problem.Information isnt hard to find on this ,more negative than positive,but both camps well representedin termsof information.

    Low blood sugar low bloodpressure muscular weekness.,all the information is out there seems the extract causes people problems,thats man made of course.The plant itself ,seems to do better.But I think this ones a minefield,read about it and make your own choice,me,mine would be no thanks

  • Did a web search and got the following information:

    Perfect Sweet is now called Total Sweet


  • My daughter swears by Stevia. But I prefer sugar to eat so drink my coffee black no sugar.

  • Stevia is sold under the Brand Truvia. I cannot stand artificial sweeteners and ws very pleased with this. It is natural and goes a long way so try a little at a time.

  • Don't like xylitol because it can cause diarrhea. It is a sugar alcohol. It is also toxic to pets.

  • Didn't expect so many responses. Thanks folks!

  • Hi Michael,

    Here is a good article about Stevia and the FDA's non-disapproval of it.


    hope this helps.

  • ...and one more. I have had a slight allergic reaction to all the subs not tried Stevia yet.

    What I do for my sweet tooth is order Tupelo honey direct from the apiary. LLanier and sons. info@lltupelohoney.com look around.

    Paul Newman starred in a film "Yulie's gold" or something like that.

    Thanks srarndt, for the pointer re Stevia.

  • It's LLLanier 3 L L Ls:)

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