Hi All :-)

I`m here! had a good day with my kids today although I`m feeling unwell, I`ve got a cold n cough thing going on and I hardly slept at all last nght, I was awake at 1.30am because of my cough :-( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and if anything it feels worse today so another sleepless night ahead me thinks :-( grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Oh well I will not let it get me down :-) I hope everyones wekend is going well :-) hugs and kisses xx

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  • hi andy

    tkae hte day off tomorrwo ioplease!

    By the way Saintis lost a tbradford today but i did nto go to the match thank gooodness

    or have a hot toddy to help u get ot sleep

    lol JIll :-)

  • Hi Andy! Have you been taking your vitamin c? I take it every day now. Hope you feel better soon xx

  • hi andy

    i take ECHINCEA when i havea cough c/old and it certianlu helps the symptoms

    jill lol :-)

  • hi andy - hope you are feeling better today - one good thing i have noticed is that since being in france - i have not had a cold - pribably because we dnt go anywhere except the shops and to ear out occasionaly xxxx

  • Hope you feel better soon, Andy!

    Cheri :)

  • Feel better soon!

  • Hope you are on the mend. Look after yourself. Keep warm, plenty of hot drinks and ibuprofen and paracetemol tablets at regular intervals. I suck Strepsils if I have bad throat or tickly cough.


  • Hoping you are feeling better :) and some hot tea with honey usually helps or a hot tottie!!! :) hugs and kisses xx


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