the beauty of being Welsh

its amurky sat morning but who cares here in gods acre on the beach at 5.30 in the dark for my daily shuffle,the dog loves it theres not asoul there . Later on today were going to beat italy on the rugby field & then maybe acouple of rums just to finish the day optomism is my greatest asset Cymru am byth

by the way france is going to get theirs next week

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  • From one Celt to another - I know where you are coming from except the rugby, at which WE the northern cousins, are crap!

    Enjoy your day but be careful of Italy.

  • you are right about Italy they are certainly not the pushover that they used to be , should be agood game

  • hi davey - well done - for being welsh that is

    i am half welsh but live in france so the rugby is intersting to say the least - we are going to live in wales once we sell up here - where do you live ?

    enjoy the rugby we will xx

  • hi sasha

    i live in Pwllheli top lef t hand corner we got sea beaches & mountains

  • I'm 12 miles from the sea, 12 miles from the glens. Best of both worlds. I'll be routing for Wales as well. As Max Boyce famously said "Follow the crowd and end up at Tesco's". Hopefully the camers won't.

  • the boys done us proud what aresult but cant take anything away from the italians their defense wasvery good but not too good

  • Firstly I apologise for not knowing the first thing about rugby, but I do like the sound of walking my dogs on the beach at 5.30am - sounds lovely x

  • the rugby was great - and now for ENGLAND V FRANCE !!

  • It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood---any neighborhood in the world because we are all still here together taking it one day at a time. :-)

  • Good win yesterday, although I detected more than a little anxiety at points. As Eddie Butler says 'We never coast to victory in Wales' Has to be some angst does't there.

    Slam next week? Of course.

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