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I too remember my mother's last 2 years of life. Miraculously she maintained an inner dignity while all visible dignity was stripped away. I remember when the drs asked if we wanted to enforce the DNR, and I went alone to my mom and asked her what she wanted. I had to explain several times that if they did not intubate her she would likely die in a matter of hours. I asked her if she was ready. She look into my eyes with the air from the oxygen mask flowing so hard it was moving her hair and even her eyelashes, and she gasped out "yes" and tried to nod her head. I gave my mom my daughter smile and just nodded.

Unfortunately that was day one of the beginning of the last 2 years of life. And this scenario was repeated thrice more.

I'm not afraid of dying, but the process of getting there--mercy.

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I feel you!!!


Thanks, I agree with not being afraid of death, just the process.


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