Parkinson's Movement

The End Result

Your unsolicited voyeurism

Into my life.

Is unnerving.

You peek in at

Odd times, asking questions,

Poking at my existence,

Picking apart

Who I am.

Every part of my life

Is now amplified,

Magnified and super sized.

A prioritized mess

Of single moments

Stitched together

By disease, drugs,

Pain and deeply

Buried truths.

My life,

So much now

An open book.

With The final revisions

being tweaked and edited

On a moment by moment

Basis with each family member

and friends editing their own

Contributions to my life.

I have always been

Strong, independent,

And so sure of

Who I was.

And now, now knowing

Who I am is not

As important as being

The best of who I can be

Right now.

My youth is gone,

And chronic pain

Has soured my looks.

I'll never be pretty again.

The essence of who I am

Has been stripped bare

Exposing my soul,

My faith, my trustworthiness

And every bit of character

My life molded into me

Has been Revealed

exposing every brick

That I have built

Over the years.

My face is now the face

Of disappointment, never having

Fulfilled my life's

One True passion.

It's too late

For that now

And, I suppose,

The end result

Would be the same.


6 Replies

Perceptive, beautifully expressed and very moving,


so very powerful but i dont beleive you are not pretty any more


I completely understand you. Pd is a thief.


Magnificent Jane!

Very well put, I will pray that you dream more and feel better soon.

Ah I don't know what I mean, except that I was very moved by your piece, beautiful poignant and Brave..


Your poetry is always so personal. But you are a beautiful person. Smile.


Beautifully stated, Jane! Every day a new "adventure" especially when there are other issues going on in your body. My 12 years with PD and the constant post-surgical pain from 2002 make me treasure not just "comfortable" days but hours n minutes also. Thanks to all who "share"..... dont know bout anyone makes me press forward one step at a time. Be strong n you are in my prayers as well as all who suffer silently! God bless You!!! :0)))


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