What is Parkinson's Movement?

What is Parkinson's Movement?

Parkinson's Advocates from around the world came together at World Parkinson Congress (WPC) last year in Glasgow. People came together with the common goal of finding out more about Parkinson's research. Building on the momentum from Glasgow, Parkinson's Movement is a site that is dedicated to seeking opinion from people with Parkinson's and communicating this vital information to the wider Parkinson's world: researchers, neurologists, the pharmaceutical industry with the aim of providing focus on the key issues.

The path to a cure needs to be defined by those living with Parkinson's.

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  • Yes, I agree with you.. PWP's rights.

  • I think Michael J Fox is the hero in this area. He was brave enough to stand up on TV and broadcast his symptoms and challenges in front of millions. Then he went several steps further by organizing fund raisers and defining rules for research. A few more like Mr Fox and we should have a cure any day now...

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