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Has anyone tried Nicotine to reduce Dyskinesia?


I am wondering if anyone has tried Nicotine to reduce severe episodes of dyskinesia brought on by levadopa.

I watched some amazing videos by a girl named Jasmine Sturr. She has has early onset pediatric PD. She ended up doing DBS and then inventing her own levadopa pump with her feeding tube. She went on to college and became a chemist and is now giving talks about how she manages her PD.

One thing she does is vape nicotine whenever she gets dyskinesia. I watched her video and the dyskinesia subsided within seconds.


Here is her talk on how she "hacked" her PD


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I watched a video of a neurologist talking about nicotine. He says the patch or gum has the same effect as smoking cigarettes. He was speaking specifically about improving walking ability.

I use it to increase my blood pressure and help with mental symptoms. It does help me slightly with dyskinesia as well. I use lozenges.

There’s a book by a guy named Glen Pettibone who drinks juice that contains lots of natural nicotine (egg plant). He went from 1200mg Sinemet to 200 daily using it. Still available.

WhaT if u don't smoke?

GymBag in reply to jeffmayer

Nicotine gum, patches, vaping, but it is habitual no matter the form and can lead to high blood pressure. I strongly recommend staying away from it. I have used it for 62 years , can not completely shake it.

jeffmayer in reply to GymBag

Thanks never smoked not goin to start now

There are drugs to help people stop smoking. One neuro says they help PD dyskinesia and aren't addictive.

Leylaleyla in reply to kaypeeoh

Really? Do you know which drugs?

youtube.com/watch?v=NtMri6D... He mentions which drugs late in the video.

He mentions Chantix around 23 minutes into the video.

Leylaleyla in reply to kaypeeoh


That is one creative woman!!! I'd recommend try it and if it helps, go ahead. Of course, vaping should be done with something that does NOT heat up the vapors, or at least heats them very very little. And just use a little to try it.

Alternative: chewing tobacco or patch or gum. Nicorette gum. The effective dosing occurs through absorption through the skin in your gums or epidermis with the patch, rather than from your gut, which will just break down the nicotine.

Don't neglect to report back.

Leylaleyla in reply to MarionP

I got my mom the lozenges in 1mg. I’m going to try them with her this weekend. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks!

ConnieD in reply to Leylaleyla

How did it go with your mom? Any improvement in her dyskinesia?

Leylaleyla in reply to ConnieD

They don’t seem to reduce her dyskinesia at all. Maybe the 1mg dose is too little?

I use lozenges, it helps dyskinesia slightly but most importantly helps my mood and keeps my blood pressure up (I am prone to being low)

Leylaleyla in reply to lenamm

What mg do you use?

lenamm in reply to Leylaleyla

I can only take 1mg (1/2 lozenge) at a time or I get dizzy. I usually take about six a day.

Leylaleyla in reply to lenamm

Thank you. I will have her continue as needed. Maybe it helps more over time.

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