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Does Glutathione Cream Enhance Sense of Smell?


It's likely placebo effect, but I have been rubbing glutathione cream on my nose, particularly the tip of my nose. I sincerely believe my admittedly terrible sense of smell is slightly improved. Has anyone else tried this?

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My smell and.taste returned about 4 months of taking Mannitol., 1 tsp daily.

jimcaster in reply to Icequeen10

Thanks. I tried mannitol briefly, but got very gassy. I may try again.

I moved taking it to the evening and the daytime has stopped. Who knows what happens in the night!

Good idea!

AmyLindy in reply to jimcaster

Try taking smaller amt through out day- it’s worth it! I use in smoothie and coffee and tea- none of which I gulp down in one solid session.

AmyLindy in reply to Icequeen10



I believe that topical glutathione can potentially have skin lightening effects if it is in its reduced state, but probably not all that potent, but worth paying attention for that type of reaction over time.


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