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My wife has early onset Parkinson's for the last few weeks she has had a burning sensation like sunburn all over her body is this something that happens with Parkinson's, she was only diagnosed a month ago. PS I am new here.

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That could be an adverse drug reaction. Has she started a new drug or supplement?

I've heard of burning sensations in joints or the mouth/nose area, but not all over. Those problems are side effects of drugs. I assume that she's not on any new drugs or supplements at the moment?

I don't believe that it is a normal symptom of PD. Muscle rigidity and soreness, yes. Burning sensations all over the skin, no. But, as everyone will tell you, everyone's PD is different. Does anyone else have any ideas?

Do you mean pins and needls?

Haven’t heard of this before.

Welcome to our website. How old is your wife?

a burning sensation is often pain caused by damaged nerves.

I have heard these symptoms in other neurological conditions. I would get a second opinion to make sure of the right diagnosis. A member on my PD support group had been diagnosed with PD and two years later found out she didn't have PD. Can happen.

It may be shingles. Has she had chickenpox? I had this a few years back. They caught it quite early and I only developed 1 spot. It it all over or on one side? If it’s shingles it will be on one side. I think I got it as my vitamins levels were very low.

I have a friend at a support group who says she has burning pains all over her body as though 'little men are lighting fires under my skin'. She's on pain meds for it and PD meds but I don't know which ones. I don't have contact details or I'd message her, but if she's at the next meeting I'll repost. She talked about it as though it was part of the PD - it's the only time I've heard of it.

These last few days, I have been having something similar to hot flashes, which I've had before, except it lasts far longer than a 'flash' and my skin is dry and hot everywhere. I attribute to the change in the weather. It has been suddenly in the high 80's, low 90's and humid. I feel feverish at times. Not particularly pleasant, but I do attribute to Parkinson's. Being hot and sweaty, intolerable of heat, was one of my first symptoms. It's not like a sunburn, however. I'd have any new symptom checked out by her neurologist. (I was diagnosed 7 years ago.)

onkey in reply to PDGal4

Thank you all for your replies, having read all your replies the problem could be nothing to do with Parkinson's. She is 73 years of age ( I am 86 ) the Parkinson's was diagnosed a few weeks ago during a check up for Breast Cancer which she had 3 months ago and has been having Chemo since the operation, I suppose the burning sensation could be due to the Chemo

Is she taking niacin??? It can cause that reaction

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