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Please Complete! PRISM survey - your life and experiences with Parkinson's

Parkinson's Movement would be so grateful for your help in completing this survey that explores your life and experiences with Parkinson's. The survey includes questions about how Parkinson's affects your day-to-day life. That is, your quality of life, emotions, relationships and ability to work. There are also questions about the medications, healthcare and other services that you use, to understand the impact of Parkinson's (practical, emotional and financial).

Your answers to these questions will help us to better define the needs of PwP and will form the basis of a survey presentation at World Parkinson Congress in Kyoto in June 2019.


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Good morning CPT_Helen

Are you interested to hear from someone who has been able to overcome most of his Pd symptoms and has lived Pd medication-free for the past 17 years?

If so, then I will fill in your questionaire.


John, you are an inspiration. Thank you for spreading your message of hope.

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Yes, I'm interested.


You need a question on” have your symptom improved rather than deteriorated in the past 12 months and what are you doing that caused an improvement. “

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I have to tell you for the first time in more years than I care to count , I chose to be open about my dx. I debated about filling in the survey understanding that the answers needed may be both confronting and personal to share. I decided to participate. Question one. Country of origin.

Mine was not listed so I filled it in the box that was blank . 🇦🇺 a message came up . Sorry we do not require your input. Survey does not include your country. Things that make you go hmmmm came to mind. I am laughing. Some times serious is not the way to be.


Odd. Apparently World Parkinson’s Congress overstated the World part.


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