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Paralyzed . What do I do now?


I awoke a few days ago and was unable to move, to lift myself out of bed. I could not go to one side or the other nothing. I called my husband who helped me sit up. I was able to walk & use toilet but that is it. I feel my life is over but that I will continue in this semi-paralytic state...I have seen a neurologist for 2 years but it is mainly to get a sinimet prescription there is no relationship. Dear God what do I do?

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My symptoms fluctuate – it is not just a one way street. Monday it seemed like my impairment had gotten worse, but the next day I was better. If you have not yet started on high-dose thiamine, it is not too late. Also, was there anything different that you did or did not do yesterday that might have impacted your condition? Do whatever exercise you are able to. Get those motor neurons firing.


I'm sorry to hear of your situation. Go see your consultant (while looking for a new one). There is much that they can do to make your drug regimen work better ( e.g. higher dose, more frequent dose, overnight dose, agonists, rasagiline etc.)

How long have you been diagnosed with PD? What is your regimen (drug, dose, time)?

When you have got your drugs working, look to exercise and social activities.


Could you have a hidden infection? Sinus, yeast, UTI? Something that you may not have noticed that could be affecting you? Eaten a big protein meal that blocked your meds? Are you feeling any better 12 hours later?

im soo sorry to hear that nipper tell me what your taking i was taking sinemet my self it put me in the hospital for a few days i take madopar 3 times a day 200/50 mg 1 nuro patch every day,they come in different strengh also if needed 3 madopar half strenth sometimes a sleeping tablet for a good night sleep dont forget to exercising some times you just walk through the pain when i walk i have my ear phones on good music that i downloaded also i have a few massage machines for parts of the body they help as well i have been taking b1 i just started the second round of b1 the first lot did little for taking 2 grams at the moment just dont let it get you down .regards.

Switch to Keto Diet - it works for me, hopefully for you too!

I have had freezing episodes, both standing, and, in bed, where, for some reason, I just couldn't make myself move. It is scary. Fortunately, they don't last too long. Since I've been on a higher dose of Sinemet, I don't have too many of those episodes, presently. One time, I fell out of bed, and couldn't stop myself from falling. That was really scary. Thankfully, I didn't get hurt with that fall! It is even worse when these things happen, and the Doctor does not seem to be too supportive or empathetic when you try to discuss them with him. I've been in that frustrating situation myself, and there isn't always a clear-cut solution. Good luck to you.

I would call your doctor asap. Is it possible you've had a stroke? Something similar happened to my father with PD years ago. He suddenly couldn't walk or get in and out of the bed without my mother's assistance. PD does not regress suddenly, although I agree it fluctuates. Took my father 1-1/2 days to realize something was wrong. They called an ambulance and at the hospital, after testing, it was determined he'd had a stroke.

Try Mucuna powder. It has transformed my life from almost being immobile due to PD (which I was diagnosed with 10 years ago) to living an almost normal life again. Ensure that you find a reputable supply source.

Cons10s in reply to PDbust

PDbust, I too use Mucuna and feel life is near normal. Can you elaborate further at 10 years along and how well you’re doing

I’m at 4 years no meds just B1 and Mucuna with a near normal life.


PDbust in reply to Cons10s

My PD was getting progressively worse during the last year to a point where I was being primed for DBS surgery in early 2019 when I discovered the Mucuna powder in June this year. My PD symptoms are almost completely gone since then. I walk straight, I can drive, I play squash regularly and my life is pretty much where I left it prior to diagnosis. It is all natural with no side-effects and I would recommend it to all PD sufferers.

Cons10s in reply to PDbust

Do you take pharmaceuticals for PD?

PDbust in reply to Cons10s

No, since moving to Mucuna Powder, I have stopped taking all conventional PD meds (Sinemet, Oxpola, etc). I did that within days of starting with MP and haven't looked back

A second opinion is warrented. I would see my primary care doctor to get a referral and expedite your reevaluation. In the alternative, go to the emergency room of a large hospital with a neurology center. Under no circumstance is paralysis normal. Best wishes.

My husband is 54 and was diagnosed 2 years ago. He was taking Sinemet (and still does) but was finding it difficult to walk. He tried Zandopa and was able to walk. If it wasn't for Zandopa, we don't know what he would be doing right now.

thank you Trish. I don't know if I can afford much more than the Sinemet as I am on SS disability...right now $45.00 a month for the much is zandopa?

You can get it on Amazon for around $10.00. It is so worth it!

Do you have insurance that would cover someone coming to your house and helping you

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