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PD and Fibromyalgia linked?


My wife was diagnosed with PD back in February [2018] and takes Sinemet 25-100, 4-5 times daily. I am her caregiver. Her entire body has been racked with Fibromyalgia pain for the last 10 to 15 years. I had to be very careful to not ever apply any pressure [squeeze] an arm or leg or she would wince or cry out in pain. We've be focused only on her PD symptoms since February, but suddenly noticed yesterday that her Fibromyalgia has quietly and completely disappeared.

Could PD and Fibromyalgia be closely related? Could the Sinemet be responsible for the Fibromyalgia pain going away? Or could it be a sign that people with Fibromyalgia are at high risk for developing PD later in life?

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Sinemet is sometimes used in fibro treatment. It may be helping her fibro symptoms

Thanks so much 1953bullard. We appreciate it.

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Hi how many sinimit do you take for fibro myalgia

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Well, she takes the Sinemet primarily for PD, but being that it is helping with her Fibromyalgia, it seems to be a welcome side benefit. Her Sinemet dosage is Carbidopa 25mg and Levodopa 100 mg. 4-5 times per day [approx every 6 hours].

Muscles twitching in my thighs and legs.Freezing of the legs and body somewhat

i have never heard of a link, i had 2 bouts of fibromyalgia each lasting 3 years each. the

Fibro came the first time and rheumatologist treated with flexeril and elavil which i took

even though it did no good. then after 3 years the Fibro left. it was gone for a couple of years and then came back and stayed for approximately 3 years. i saw a neurologist and took oxycodone and sleeping pills this time . the oxycodone didn't help but i took it. sleep was very disturbed both bouts. the neurologist tested me and diagnosed smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM) with a bence jones protein. then after 3 years fibromylagia left and has stayed away. 3 years ago i was diagnosed with Parkinsons but did not have fibromyalgia at the time. for 1 year i am taking carbi dopa/ leva dopa. after 15 years myeloma doctor says i have MGUS and not SMM. i had good experience with cymbalta and ambian but stopped when i began azilect. i have had chronic pain for 50 years and depression and sleep disturbance. i don't know why fibromyalgia came or what made it leave either time. i write this whole history to help bring to light any connections to PD.

My husband got his Medical MJ card, we live in Florida, he takes a mixture of honey and MJ every night prior to going to bed, it has helped his sleep so much! I highly recommend it!

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Please tell me exactly what particular strain he uses, what form is it in, i.e. edible, oil, etc. And the dose he started with. Thank you!

they are absolutely related. I have no doubt.

I think they are related. I was diagnosed with fibro 2o years ago. Have had PD at least 6-7 yrs. I have had some sort of pain syndrome ever since I was 10 years old so that’s been 50 years. I have a number of pain issues that get worse and then get better. There is a recent post on HU about a dr who helps people with pain…. from fibro to cfs to neck, shoulder and back pain, migraines and more. I am very hopeful.


Thank you for bringing up this topic.

Comorbidities is a fascinating subject. The way I look at my individual health and presentation of symptoms is to focus less energy on causes and try to accept that as I age and continue to present with different or varying degrees of symptoms, what got me there was a perfect storm. It’s important to be consistent and add life hacks one at a time and then revisit combinations of interventions to figure out what works for overall health and fitness. I joined this group out of desperation and to get more ideas for treatments. On the subject of trying to ween from Sinemet, my feeling is that it initially got me functional but eventually wears heavily, and creates more symptoms at this point. Was it the best treatment to begin with ? I question that...working with a naturopath, PT and chiropractor has helped the most...peeling the layers of the disease off.

So, that said....started simple, adding coconut oil, and low and behold, found an older supplement like Neuroreplete in my cupboard...all due to suggestions found here...

Anyway, grateful and gotta get to work to keep my job ! Onward!


They are related. I have PD and wife Fibro. Expect your wife's fibro to reoccur in time.

Sinemet is causing her Fibro. I had fibro for 10 years, never linked it to the Sine met until I came across an obscure article about the link. I quit taking the Sinemet, each week my pain was less and less. It has been a year off if it and I am pain free. I had removed all pharma meds but recently took Skelaxin for pulled muscle (muscle relxr) & it triggered my fibro, I quit taking it. The Sinemet almost destroyed my life.