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Don't be erased :: A post pajama post

I'm up, hence the 'post PJ post' well actually I am up a lot, insomnia means I have an interesting time pattern but I rather like it. The oddness of baking at 2am, having a bath whilst the sun rises, going to Tesco at 7am... anyway none of those in Pajamas's! Unless of course you are Johnny Fingers of the Boomtown rats.

Someone below said she was loosing her Grace, something which makes me shudder as it is the one attribute I both aspire to and admire. Reading her words it appears she is being hard on herself as grace carries her words down the page like a swan on a millpond. But i do understand it is easy to think that you are just a pencil sketch and PD comes along with a big eraser and starts rubbing you out. Soon you would be invisible, not to others but too yourself. I keep drawing, as fast as things in my life get rubbed out I quick draw something back in, Can't climb that mountain? go photograph it! Can' photograph that mountain, write about it ........ Don't get erased, keep drawing your life as you want it. C

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Thanks for the positive post Henderson-Heywood. I needed it.

Cheri :)


I do not have PD. I have MSA multiple system atrophy. The symtoms are very much like PD. At first it was thought I the Dr.did have PD.

I just want to thank Henderson-Heywood for the post. It was very helpful.

rock and roll gal.


Thanks for post Henderson-Heywood. I have MSA and needed it. Hope you are well.


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