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hi im mick 57 and retired due to Parkinsons i feel robbed of my ability to work as i loved my job and the lads i worked with my weight has increased since retiring as my work was very physical ive undergone DBS surgery but that was not successfull still having treatment (very dissapointed) is there anyone out there in a similar position .....would love to hear from you regards Mick

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As one who has been advised to think about this procedure I’m grateful to read of your experience. The out of pocket expense would be huge. I can’t go through with something that may not work and be out of pocket $40,000. In my case it is about the money.


Sorry to hear it's been a very tough change for you. Is there a chance you could find something productive/helpful to others that you can do? Sounds like you had a pretty physical job, maybe a change of direction could help keep you active in a less intense way? Disappointment over the lack of instant help by the DBS must have been crushing but good on you now for reaching out for help. For sure to help your weight increase and mental health I'd recommend exercise, find some kind you enjoy and do it to the highest extent you can. All the best.

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hi i would love to exercise and do when i can but the Off period now outgrows the on period and at times i can barely walk but thank you for your reply

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Wishing you all the best, I'm sorry for your hardship

Beautiful picture! My grandkids keep my spirits up, when having PD gets me down. I'd prefer working too, but I am at the point now, that I have too many off days and not enough on days, so working would be taking a big chance for me. Unfortunately, my PD has progressed to the point where nearly every bodily system is affected somewhat, so I can't rely upon my ability to stand and walk much every day, or to not have distressing urinary/constipation symptoms at times. Some days, even standing up is a balancing act, and at times orthostatic hypotension causes me to almost pass out. So, I think I understand a little bit, of how frustrated you might feel. Find other things in life that make you happy, and that you can enjoy at this time, and hang onto that for as long as you can. Wishing you only the best!

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