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Results of conversation with MD and Neuro about constipation and B1


MD stated that after 65 constipation is defined not by whether you pass feces every day, every second day, or every third day, but rather with what difficulty you pass it. The criteria is hard stools primarily. He state that 2, 3, or 4 days apart is not the criteria over age 65.

MD speculated that because the B vitamins affect and protect the nerves throughout the body it was very possible they have a direct effect on the Parkinson's processes.

Neuro stated that there is no placebo for the Parkinson "shakes". Whatever you are doing either has a chemical reason it works or it doesn't.


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If Constapation is s problem try Black Cumin Oil

4 days sounds pretty bad to me! I find a simple magnesium supplement helps keep me regular - it is easy to deal with (too much and you get the runs!) and helps my heart health. Avoiding constipation is important re efficacy of levidopa meds. I would be worried if I did not have one regular bowel movement each day. A nutritionist would be the best person to advise as it is a health issue not a "sickness" issue - though can get to be one if not managed! Good food is the best solution. B1 may help too but not tremors!

i've heard docs say that for years, about babies and everybody else. that's bogus and it's not normal even for normal folks. for people with disease, its worse....they need regularity for meds and symptoms. haven't any of you felt sluggish when you missed a BM or felt peppier when you've just had one? duhhh. watch animals who can feed at random....they go a little several times a day and with small diameter. try L-Glutamine which is commonly used in medicine for gut health and a good probiotic. you can just buy glutamine powder and mix it in drinks. I recently discovered Ageless GI Recovery by Ageless Nutrition and they make a very good probiotic also. Pricier than the plain glutamine but easy to use and has some other stuff. they also sell a combo of Magnesium/C which is also sold by a number of people.....C is good for the problem too and the combo is very good. Good probiotics are expensive but you get what you pay for. Florastor is excellent as well. You can get it in drugstores but I get it best price on Amazon. my husband had PD symptoms for 15 years and docs were stunned that he didn't have constipation. he would have been except for the magnesium and glutamine.

My solution after two years of trying is not very exotic. One capful of Muralax ea morning and one Colace capsul ea evening. Only combo that reliably works for me.

Two + years since definitive DATScan PD dx.

Thanks everyone. I don't have the problem. Just passing on the comments of my physicians about Parkinson's behavioral characteristics.

I appreciate your responses though. Good group.


No placebo for Parkinson’s shakes.... now that should mean something? Did she/he say any more?

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The Neuro was measuring my lower extremities due to neuropathy caused by Type 2 diabetes and Parkinson's, We were talking about my Parkinson's. I told him about the B1 being somewhat helpful but that I didn't know if it was the placebo effect or not. He stated that given the processes by which Parkinson's effects the body, there is not a placebo that can stop the tremors and that it would require a chemical interaction of some kind to cause that. I thought that to be interesting and supportive of the B1 protocol.

Thiamin helps with constipation.

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