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In the past year I have lost 80% of my capacity to hike any significant distance, e.g. 3 miles, etc. I'm blessed by having a very supportive and engaged wife whose physically exceptionally active. I'm in need of professional advice in the development of a conditioning program and fortunately I have a good friend who was the co-director of aParkinson's study and therapy group for several years. I'll be writing to her today.

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I'm 13 years post diagnosis and frequently do 10 mile walks. This works OK provided that my general levodopa dose is big enough, I take extra levodopa as required (exercise seems to burn up dopamine), I don't get back ache (dystonia causes a lean and stoop).


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Hi John

May I ask how much L- Dopa do you take? Is your dystonia severe?

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My daily drug regimen is: 5x75mg Stalevo, 8mg ropinirole (CR), 1mg rasagiline. I take the first dose of the Stalevo, the ropinirole and the rasagiline in the morning. I take the remaining Stalevo as required, not keeping to a fixed schedule, often ending the day with an unused dose. Regarding my dystonia I wouldn't call it "severe", but the lean is clearly visible and if it continues to get worse, there may come a time when walking becomes impossible.

Look into PD Warrior - I have done lots of reading since I was diagnosed earlier this year & for as long as I can I would prefer exercise &/or diet solutions. Currently take Rasagilene only but I believe this has made my tremor worse. Only in my 3rd week of the PD Warrior programme but can see the reasoning behind the exercises & am very hopeful it will help in my attempts to slow down the progression of my Parkinson's. My physio says I might not notice much difference initially but with her in my corner I will stick to it!