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I miss me

I used to bend bones

so my patients would say

orthopedic PT

was how I made my pay

I miss me

I used to play drums

and mimicked led Zeppelin

dreamed my life would end

on a stairway to heaven

I miss me

I used to restore cars

and make them much faster

now when I try

it's a f*#king disaster

I miss me

My dear wife and I planned

that when we retire

the world we would cruise

and climb mountains higher

I miss me

Dopamine deficient

my brain has become

it's becoming apparent

to me and everyone





and love

a new me

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A drummer, wow! Have you tried.... I have just started, am pretty hopeless but love it! I let the old me go, and learned that the new me was pretty darn fine. You sound darn fine to me too. :)


I like that idea. :)


you'll find a new you

with his roots on the old

take on the challenge

be strong and be bold

if you can climb mountains

alongside your wife

she'll be your companion

the rest of your life

so keep on climbing

with joy and with hope

and whatever you do

hold on to that rope!


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