Is it better to eat small meals more often rather than eating larger meals>

I have been told that it helps meds to work more effectively by eating smaller meals more often rather than eating three meals as I do at present.

I know that I should not eat protein immediately before or after taking my meds but as my meds do not always work effectively all the time, I thought I might try smaller meals.

I thought I would ask others if they have tried this. I am anxious not to have a weight gain. Would be grateful for an input on this.

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  • I'm not sure. I take meds 5 times a day. If I'm suppose to take them on an empty stomach and wait 1 or 1/2 hr after eating to take my meds that doesn't leave much time to eat.

    I also have difficulty eating. I feel full very quickly.

  • Yes, I thought this myself. There would not be enough time between eating and taking meds, but was told this could help meds to be absorbed.

  • Yes I'm down to one meal a day late lunch or early dinner . Lost 35 lbs went from 240 to 185 .i

  • This could be the answer to my diet.

  • me too - i am just so fat now that i am finding myself puffing and panting a lot !!

  • also is it really advised to take meds away from protien meals ?

  • Probably depends on what meds you take. Instructions on Stalevo recommend taking on empty stomach, waiting for at least half hour before eating.

    The diabetes dietician did some research to tie in with Parkinsons med and recommended not taking meds too near to a meal containing protein.

  • my instructions are in french ofcourse for modopar and neupro patches -though i have translated them - thank goodness for google translate -- !!

  • This is most definitely the case for me. Small meals right after a dose of sinimet is most effective.

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