Eating a good hamburger and paying the price for it.

Eating a good hamburger and paying the price for it.

Near my home is a place called Heff's that make the best burger i have ever had. But it comes with a price. I ate half of one with french fries and a few onion rings and a coke. Took my meds a hour later and took my next meds 4 hours later. Meds did not kick in completely until 1 hour after the second dose of meds. I was stiff and jumpy and felt like like sh*t. I know it is going to happen but i pay the price because i still want to enjoy the small things that this life has to offer.

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  • You're so right Bailey !

    But maybe you should have wait for two hours after the last bite. That's what is mentioned on my box of pills : "half an hour before meals, two hours after meals".

  • i so miss sandwiches at lunch. now i just have vegies and fruit. but i make up for it at dinner. alot of protein at 6:00 and to bed at 8:00 i think this is one of the worst things with pd - not being able to enjoy eating what you want and when you want it. and cooking too - on new years, i was checking to see if the black eyed peas were done, and i had to spit them out. because if i ate them before dinner, my next dose of sinemet would be useless.

  • Happens to me every meal. I'll take a dose 1/2 hour before eating, eat after I feel the effects of the dose then look at the clock, add 1 hour then I can feel my medications wearing off. I'm supposed to take a pill every three hours that takes 1 hour to kick in and then lasts 1-1 1/2 hours and try to fit meals in. The math doesn't work. I suffer for 2-3 hours after( I have dystonia over my whole body). I've lost almost 40 lbs because i'm afraid to eat much. Basically cried after eating a full plate at Thanksgiving when I felt my meds wearing out. Had to go to my place in the basement while still hearing everyone else having a good time.

    I do notice that sinemet EQ works a little faster then Stalevo after meals or snacks. I made the mistake of eating eggs for breakfast one morning, paid for that.

  • You can enjoy a good burger. Just take your meds an hour before you eat a protein meal or take your meds 2-3 hours after. Sinemet competes with protein receptors in the gut. To get max effect out of your meds take on an empty stomach

  • I have had a similar problem. We have a couple places near where I live that have fantastic Angus beef burgers. I take Sinemet on empty stomach and then wait an hour to eat the hamburger. A couple hours later, though, I need another dose of Sinemet. Recently, my neurologist upped my dose, because my off time was coming within just 2 and a half hours of taking Sinemet.

  • In what way or ways does the simemet make you feel better?

  • It relieves the tremors, stiffness, swallowing, and walking problems I have. My neurologist told me to wait half hour, to an hour, after taking Sinemet, to eat any protein, like a hamburger, because it can interfere with the effectiveness of Sinemet, in relieving my Parkinson’s symptoms.

  • Seems workable. Same recommendation for intake of lots of meds--one hour before or 2-3 hours after. Best wishes

  • I enjoy beef and eggs, but they drop drug efficiency for me. Going Vegan helps me, though I'm not crazy bout it. Is it all about proteins competing for absorption even 2-3 hours after your dose?

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