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Some recent favorites: Gut microbiota, Diet and supplements, alpha-synuclein in gut immunity

Gut Microbiota and Salivary Diagnostics: The Mouth Is Salivating to Tell Us Something.

Biores Open Access 2017 Oct 1;6(1):123-132.

Role of Diet and Nutritional Supplements in Parkinson's Disease Progression.

Oxid Med Cell Longev 2017;2017:6405278.

Alpha-Synuclein to the Rescue: Immune Cell Recruitment by Alpha-Synuclein during Gastrointestinal Infection.

J Innate Immun 2017;9(5):437-440.

A Role for Neuronal Alpha-Synuclein in Gastrointestinal Immunity.

J Innate Immun 2017;9(5):456-463.

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Thanks, Aspergerian


Second article very interesting. Mediterranean diet and fish oil supplements slowing progress, with dairy being singled out as pretty bad along with all the usual suspects like diet soda.

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Several of these articles have been previously shared by others on this list, but these cites seemed to play well together.


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