How long does it take this med to show any improvement

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  • My walking improved immediately. Literally within the first day it was quite amazing. My doctor did prescribe too much so I also had pretty painful and annoying foot twisting. I scaled back and it worked and continues to work better for me. I think we are all different though.

  • within a hour for me

  • If sinemet does not work immediately it is not going to work at all, even if you take more. That is what I am led to believe.

    If you want to do something to possibly improve your symptoms then look at doing exercise, which costs nothing to do. It os being shown, in more and more studies, to be able to slow down the progression of Pd. In my case, it has improved many of my symptoms. Look at my profile to see how I did this.

  • Good morning John

    I agree with you and i like the way you are promoting exercise. It is good for you no matter your age or what ailment you have. Keep up the good work.

  • Happy New Year Bailey. I hope it will be a good one for you and your family.

  • How long does one have to take it for it to show improvement IF it does at all

  • If the small dose does not work then there is no reason to believe that a larger dose will work. Forgive me if I am wrong.

  • This is wrong advice John. But as you have no experience of taking l dopa drugs I wouldnt expect you to be an authority on these meds.

  • You have a short memory. I was on sinemet and symmetrel for two years before O changed over to Selegiline. I am not an expert, no! But I have yet to talk to anybody who has found that a larger dose started to improve their symptoms.

  • Oh yes you have changed your story. Originally you said you took sinemet only three months and stopped because it had no effect. after Doidges visit you were told you had also taken it for 2 years but didnt recall this nor did it appear to make any difference when you stopped taking It.

    This doesn't change my contention along with mistydog that you are misinformed

  • Re larger doses improving symptoms, perhaps if you re- read Bailey’s posts, he has written on increasing meds. Also mistydogs post below which you acknowledged less than 2 weeks ago.

  • You do get things all wrong. The SECOND TIME I took Sinemet was in 2002, when I was feel a great deal better than n 1992. Get your facts straight dear.

  • Start a new string. I can't respond in this space

  • No ressponse required, i am not looking to argue over.your pill taking, that is just another diversion.

  • It might help you to get your facts right!

  • So you wish to continue the discussion! all I said was your story changes. The following are your posts.

    3 yrs ago you wrote:

    I was prescribed a single medication, back in 1992, when I was first diagnosed with Parkinson's disease. That was the only medication I took for ten years. I now no longer need to take any Pd medication at all. This is unheard of! At least, I don't know of anybody else having had this experience!

    5 years ago you wrote:

    ... in 1992, when I started to shuffle, ..... a neurologist prescribed a monotherapy of eldepril. At that stage I stopped taking all the other drugs I had been taking, for all the previous symptoms.

    Other than doing regular energetic exercise and getting rid of the major causes of stress in my life, I only took Eldepryl, except for three months in 2002, when my neurlogist said I should start taking sinamet.

    Because I had got most of my movement symptoms under control, at that time, and because the sinamet did nothing for me, I stopped taking it, after three months. I also stopped going to that neurologist, or any others, since then, for my Pd.”

    And again:

    As you know, I was only ever prescribed an MAO-b inhitor, other than for 3 months, when I took sinamet.

    Now since meeting Doidge you have been told by him that your notes show you were on other medications for two years. You dont remember this and You have not seen your notes to verify this.

    There is no need for this discussion to continue on your meds taking. It is yet another diversion ( you missed your calling John, you should have been a politician)

    Again - you are misinformed re your comments on sinemet and I do acknowlege you asked forgiveness if you are wrong.

    I was wrong to write that you had no experience of taking ldopa meds. I acknowledge you have had a little.

  • I have written on this website that I had forgotten that I took sinemet in 1992. Dr Doidge picked that up in 2011, when he examined my medical records, I wote the book 10 years after diagnosis. Dr Doidge only made me aware of this just before he published his book. He did not want to publish if I did not agree. I checked with my doctor and Dr Doidge was correct. I have appologised in my latest book and on this website.

  • You've been misinformed John then about Sinemet.

  • Please tell me of anybody who has successfully taken a larger dose of sinemet, when the smaller dose did not work.

  • Me for one ! They decided the dose wasn't enough to be effective so they increase it. I was on sinemet for 3 years before I developed dyskinesia and that's when I switched to Rytary.

  • Thanks! Please tell me what symptom was alleviated by the larger dose of sinemet?

  • Symptoms like less overall stiffness, had better range of movement of arm and legs longer on time. Balance when turning much more fluid.

  • Perhaps, luke me, it is an indicator that Pd is not the problem, but Multiple System Atrophy. I was dopa-resistant, was sent for a DAT scan and MSA was confirmed. I cut back the sinemet, having been on it without effect for a year, and am now on no medication whatever (which I am very pleased about).

    Ask your consultant about MSA, many GPs don't have any experience of it.

    Good luck.


  • Just shows that we all should all have a second opinion when diagnosed with a life changing condition.

  • Lesp53 how did the DatScan confirm that it was definitely MSA? My husband had one and returned a consistent with Parkinsonism diagnosis. I’m not seeing much improvement with him on Rytary for 3 months. Thanks. Tiger101

  • Hi,

    I was shown the results of the scan, and there were three areas of the brain where the brain cells had died off ; these were areas with tell-tale 'comma' shapes, according the the consultant.

    The areas were the brain stem, basal ganglia and the cerebellum. Each area is related to symptoms of movement, balance, speech, etc. These are also symptoms related to Parkinson's,, hence the difficulty in diagnosis. The only definite way of confirming the diagnosis, unfortunately, is at post-mortem.

    I hope that the medication is resolved soon. Best wishes....

  • It takes the levodopa (along with carbidopa, the active constituents of Sinemet) about 1 hour to reach maximum plasma concentration. So, if the dose is big enough, you will notice its effect by then. You will not notice an effect if the dose is too low to take you above the "on" threshold. The dose is usually increased until it has its desired effect.

    Other things to look out for are:

    - protein in the diet can reduce the amount of levodopa that is absorbed;

    - nausea until you get used to the dose;

    - whether you really have PD.


  • I don't know why John would say if it doesn't work " immediately " it's not going to work! That is simply not true ! Everyone is different and processes medicine differently. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find the right dose of Sinemet that works for an individual. Research has demonstrated exercise is very beneficial to slowing progression of the disease. However if you can't control your body your not likely motivated to go exercise. So medicine and exercise

  • OMG this is so true!!! How does one excersize if they are not motivated, have pain and apathy, dizzy, off balance. My husband is still waiting for the I feel so much better miracle. They have been increasing his Rytary. He now takes 6 tabs a day.

  • Hi Tiger I also take Rytary originally they started with the 23.7/95 dose it wasn't working . I was then moved to a 36.25/145 dose I take up to 4 a day if needed. Here's my case and point just because the first time it wasn't working "immediately" doesn't mean it wouldn't work just had to find the right dose for me. Tell your husband to hang in there and be patient it will come. Not sure how long he's been on it but once we found the dose it took a good month before I felt like my self again with no tremor when I was "on".

  • Thanks Mistydog1 he’s been tritrated to a month ago to 36.25/145 6 a day. 2 morning 2 afternoon 2 evening. I called the doc on Tuesday but not heard back from him yet. We need to be patient. I’m happy it’s working for you. Do you have any issues with dizzyness while taking it?

  • Hi Tiger, I was on Sinemet for 3 years and developed painful dyskinesia. Having switched to Rytary I don't have any issues so far. I wonder if 2 at 36.25/145 is too much. Hence the dizziness maybe one 36.25 and one 23.7 together at a time just a thought .

  • It depends. If the dosage is high enough to pass the threshold to address the symptoms, you will know within an hour. If not, you will notice minimal improvement. You have to increase the dosage slowly until it addresses the symptoms. A small percentage of people with PD do not respond to Sinemet.

  • I have to say that I was told by a movement disorder specialist that if Sinemet did not have an impact in the first day or so, it was most likely Parkinson’s. My movement improved the first day but I did have lots of nausea until I discovered I needed to take it on an empty stomach an hour before eating. While I was walking, riding a stationary bike and lifting weights beforehand, my abilities increased threefold after starting the meds. I do believe it is important to keep moving as much as possible no matter what.

  • Well thats interesting! I was told tge opp.from my mds if it didnt work it was not pd!

  • Yes thats right Rosa,

    No response to levadopa usually means its not pd.

  • Within a week my tremor stopped and my arm started swinging when walking

  • You are blessed

  • Thank you,hope I stay this way.Although it doesn't help with muscle stiffness and pain

  • I had very little tremor, but a few of my basc symptoms were: sudden feelings I was going to fall, difficult walking, standing. Those symptoms nearly disapered within just a few min of sinament. Sometimes it takes time to find the right med mix. Wish you the best. This is a journey.

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