can Parkinson's come within 3 weeks.

just over 2yrs ago I was laying a wooden floor for mate . I had stopped my bp tablet s ,joh went well . middle of January I felt as if I needed a bp tablet of some kind . because the ones I had before were slowing me down. dr said i'll give you a water tablet, but I want you to take the other tablets a week after each other .make a appointment 3 weeks after and get bp checked. started the meds. the appointment was 22nd march , well I walked to the doctor like a zombie. he said you weren't like that the last time you were here . i'll need to send you to a specialist . on may that year ,I went to a parkinsons clinic they told me that I had Parkinson's . so I went from fit man to a man that had step into my trousers . in the matter of weeks. The only thing that I can think of is the meds brought the disease on earlier. anyone else have a similar experience.


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  • Welcome to the very odd world of PD. Here very strange things happen every day. Did the meds bring on PD sooner ? Maybe but very doubtful. What does it matter? You have PD and that is what you need to concentrate on. The PD clinic will arrange the minimum meds you need now and it will not completely make the PD go away. Start a rigorous exercise program like you have never exercised before. Exercise ( I can not empathize this enough ) will reduce and delay the PD. Do it DOit .


    I need to get my balance sorted out first . before I .Start a rigorous exercise program like you.

  • Tommy, Gymbag is right. Exercise is the one thing that's been shown to slow down progression of the disease. There are some great programs specifically for people with Parkinson's. I do Rock Steady Boxing, but there are others. Are you in the U.K.?

  • Hi Becky

    In my very first post. Run before I can walk. The problem is stopping. Balance problem. Attending physio just now 14 weeks getting there. As I said to gymbag without balance can't do rigorous exercise without it. Yes I'm from uk. Scotland


  • you may have been exposed to some toxins. i became mercury poisoned after i had an amalgam filling (silver colored filling) removed improperly. i started having neuro problems within a week.

  • I have plenty of them, got 1 taken out April cost me £60 already had pd over a year by then . jujjlini thanks worth keeping it in mind

  • I think mine may have been brought on by chewing gum with dental fillings. Really stupid thing to do with hindsight. If you have mercury fillings unless you have tooth ache don't go to a dentist as even the scraping they do can dislodge the amalgam. And certainly don't have a polish. Dentists get a lot of problems through having to work so closely with mercury. Though some of the older ones deserved it with their trigger happy filling spree back in the 70's and 80's. I had loads of fillings, but never remember having had tooth ache. It was bordering on child abuse to be honest.

  • Mine seemed to come on suddenly. One day, my handwriting was fine, the next, torpedoed. Had no idea it was PD until I mentioned it at a routine physical and got referred to a neurologist (thinking it was a pinched nerve) Now, in hindsight, as I learn more and more about the various symptoms of this syndrome, I realize I may have had it to some degree for many many years.

    It is common to be brought on by toxins, trauma, genetics or biological factors. Or a combination of those.

    Good luck !I hope it leaves you as fast as it came to you.

  • thanks . hope it leaves us all. bassofspades. your comments will help

  • I suffered a major head injury @ 18 years old. I have examined my life and believe that the slow process started then.

  • Unlikely if it was a single incident that happened more than ten years prior to PD symptoms, according to the neuro I saw.

  • It is generally believed now that we have had Parkinsons 10 - 15 years before we are diagnosed. By the time motor symptoms take us to the doctor we have lost about 70% of our dopamine neurons which takes years not weeks. What people often think as causes (eg getting shingles) are really just another sign that we have pd.

    Your slow movement that you noticed and thought was due to your BP tablets is more likely due to the parkinsons symptoms getting stronger.

  • I would consider the possibility of infection, due to the fast onset. I had documented Lyme disease for six years before my Parkinsonism was diagnosed. I believe there is a relationship between brain infection and PD. There are many diseases that can imitate symptoms of PD, such as tremor. Late-stage syphilis, for example. I have a dual diagnosis of Lyme disease and PD. Antibiotics have at times quelled my tremors, especially the sensation of internal tremors or vibration. Some recent research indicates that PD may be caused by H. pylori bacteria. I host a blog about the intersection of Lyme and PD. There are about 1000 articles posted there about scientific studies, diagnoses, treatments and PD/Lyme, etc.

    Read there about how to find a Lyme-literate doctor who knows the best tests to get. BTW, Lyme-carrying ticks are present in all 48 contiguous States. It is not just a coastal phenomenon. If you go this route, you'll want to be tested for co-infections, too. Especially the ones that get into the nervous system and brain, such as bartonella, babesia, and ehrlichea. Then have your viral titers done, too, like EBV, HHV6 as well as anaplasma and protomyxzoa. A good Lyme-literate doctor will know how to test. Check out to learn how to find one. Many docs do not understand how to test for and treat Lyme and other tick-borne diseases.

    Bob Cowart

  • Bob

    This is an interesting read

    Btw - one cant assume Lyme disease is relevant to all posters, it doesnt exist in my country.

    And your blog looks interesting, it will keep me occupied for quite a while!

  • Which country is that Hikoi ?

    We used to live in South Africa several years ago and my husband with PD was diagnosed with what they call 'tick bite fever' over there and I am sure this has something to do with his Parkinson's

    We now live in the UK but trying to get tested for anything is damn near impossible here on the NHS

  • Where do you live.. on the moon!

  • Near the hobbits and Gandalf.

  • Oh excellent... that definitely has been declared by The World Health agency a zoonotic free zone.. so you know it must be true!,,, you lucky devil

  • ..yes lucky devil but not the Tasmanian devil variety 😊

  • I have chronic Lyme as well and live in the uk. I had to go to Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker in Pokemoke city to get diagnosed. He also tests the sinuses for co ag neg staph which he nearly always finds and this hijacks the immune system giving us a myriad of health problems.

    I saw a YouTube video regarding PD and glutathione.. obviously we are never going to get injections and I think they are quite short lived. So I sent for sub lingual glutathione and they do help a bit.. it is a powerful antioxidant and detoxifier.

  • Tommybigt in answer to your question, my husband wondered the same thing. He has been on Neupro patches for 8 weeks now and symptoms seem worse than before.....

  • jennyjenny2 is your husband on high blood pressure meds. calcium beta blockers. or ace inhibitors. that's what I was expected the ones on here longest to be asking me.. I believe these type of meds slow your heartbeat down or keep it at a steady rate. maybe they're PD MEDS are not getting a good delivery to where they should going (brain) . especially when some of the relax arteries and veins , what else are they relaxing .

  • Tommy

    Never heard or read that bp meds interfere with PD meds. It is certainlynot a common concern. what they can do to people with pd is make them giddy and faint.

    It seems you are equating slowing down of heart rate with appearance of PD symptoms? Is that right? Certainly one I have never heard before. Are you looking for a cause of your PD ?

  • Hi tommybigt. My husband isn't on any other meds. Sorry I misunderstood your question. Hope you can get to the bottom of it all.

  • thanks jennyjenny2 my fault try to condense my story. hope you husband gets problem sorted out

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