Forearm stiffness

I'm having a terrible time with stiffness and pain in my left forearm. It comes and goes. My PD started on my right side with tremor but my left side is worse with the stiffness. I exercise 2x week and walk almost everyday. I take 2 1/2 Sinamet daily. When I exercise the feeling goes away temporarily. When I saw my neuro she only increased my Sinamet she wants me to take 3 T daily. What is up with this symptom?

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  • To ease the arm problem I would follow the Neurologist's advice. That is still a relatively low dose.

  • I did increase it for awhile but it didn't make any difference.

  • I'm sorry, nourilo. My tremors and stiffness have almost completely disappeared (unless I get chilled - then back big time) since I started doing Zentangle. It's not doodling, it's purposeful drawing. It's to your hand and handwriting what tai chi is to your body movement. I'd lost my signature. It's back, as is my handwriting, plus now I'm hooked on Zentangle. Easy art, huge payoff. My left arm, too, has been giving me lots of pain lately. Disappears when I'm drawing. But I work all day, so can only draw before and after work, and at lunch. But boy are my notes at work beautiful.😬

    My doctor, blessedly, started me on lowest dosages of rasagiline and carbidopa levadopa, but whole-heartedly supports non-meds therapies.

    Hope you find something that helps you.

  • I have had PD for 7 years . All my symptoms are on my left side. I had terrible pain (cramping/stiffness) in my left forearm. I got some relief from Carbidopa/Levodopa but when my MDS added Sinemet it went away almost completely . I know some people get side effects from these drugs but I never have. I've been on them for 3 or 4 years. And exercise always helps. Good luck I know that arm thing is a terrible discomfort.

  • I would try Dance for PD. If you can't get to a class, order the dvds and do them on your own.

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