instant release sinemet

A while back someone posted how they crushed a sinemet tablet and took it with something to get a quicker release. When my hubby forgets to take his meds and goes into "off time" it takes him about a hour and 1/2 after taking his med to get back "on". Anone remember the post. I can't find it


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  • Look for a heading starting with parcopa, somebody gave the answer in that reply they gave directions how to do it it's must be about 10 emails down or so

  • It was entitled "Parcopa-dissolving type of Sinemet".

  • I have been "crushing" ny sinemet meds for over 3 years now and it gets into my system in about 20 minutes or so

    Takes over an hour now to get into my system if I don't crush them and/or if I go into off time

  • Taking with OJ also helps metabolize quicker

    Hope that helps

  • When you crush them how long do they work for you? For me regular sinamet gives me 90 min but cr gives me 4 hrs but it takes 1 hour to work. I'm experimenting..trying to get the best for the least hopefully not have dyskinesia

  • Same here

    I'm always trying to get the most out of my meds

    It's like we are a chemistry experiment

  • I totally agree. These Dr's don't know what PD is because they don't have it. Also I've always wondered if the drugs we take have been tested together. I bet not. I take mine 45 min at a time. I do think we're guinea pigs.....try this and that and if it works continue. Not thinking about side effects 5 to 10 yrs later. We have to be our own advocates. My motto...take the least amount of meds you can tolerate and excercise alot

  • U r so right

  • What do you feel when its time to take your next md

  • I feel jittery and anxious . my left arm tremors. I feel like I can't accomplish anything and my posture becomes terrible. It's hard to walk. My left leg drags.

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