Grand Canyon Voices

My husband and I recently took on the challenge of rafting down the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, camping for two weeks. This after 10 years with PD. I made a video of the Grand Canyon trip:

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  • What a great thing to do! Brave you.

  • What a wonderful way to share your trip! We made it to the Grand Canyon three years ago, but I know I could not ever do the river thing at this point in my PD. So thank you so much for letting me go along vicariously!

  • My pleasure. It was touch and go sometimes, but everyone helped modify the activities as needed. We've been back a week and I'm still exhausted, but happy I did it.

  • Thanks Nan. So grateful for the video.

  • I just watched the video and enjoyed it so much, especially seeing and hearing you in it. The people (including you) are all so interesting and vibrant. Thanks for sharing the video.

  • Thank you for sharing that, Nan. What a beautiful place!

  • Great video!

  • You are heroes, your smiles and your positive way of lifè give you the energy to fight against PD. Thank you for sharing your experience, you did something great, showing us what you did give us hopes! 😊

  • Nancyclist I have canoed and hiked through my teenage years up to my diagnosis with PD May 2014. You give me the hope of joining in a Grand Canyon adventure. Thank you for sharing your trip.

  • Nan, you have a new chapter for the next edition of your book which I recently read. You are an inspiration.

  • Thank you all for your heartfelt comments. I go back to read them many times. I've been sidelined since the trip with a meniscus which dislocates randomly and must be fixed soon. I'm so pleased that my adventures encourage others to stretch you to try new things too. Be well. Or at least, be happy.

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