Incontinence issues .. for my mom who isn't very mobile now

She cannot do the kegel exercises, but this incontinence has become an issue . Any insight into what can help - don't really want to go the catheter way .

She has put on weight because of lack of movement (first time in her life ) . WE are trying to get her back to moving now - also trying to give her dandelion tea with cranberry and lemon, it should help with the water weight by detox for kidney and liver - but how do u do that when incontinence is an issue ?

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  • Its basically a neurological issue, just another PD problem ...

  • But there has to be something we can do to keep it under control like other things :(

  • i idont know how old she is, how long she has had pd and what medication she takes so its difficult to answer appropriately but as its caused by problems in the brain sodrugs can work but the side effects arent so good. If i am underdosed on levadopa i get worse problems. Getting her moving is also important.

  • i KNOW THE US IS DIFFERENT BUT COULD SHE BE REFERRED TO AN INCONTINENTCE CLINIC. there ARE A NUMBER OF CONTRIBUTING FACTORS, ALL OF WHICIH NEED BE ADDRESSED . THERE ARE CERTAINLY DRUGS FOR "URGE" INCONTINENCE (sorry only just noticed t he caps.) which is always worse if there is an infection present. If she regains some mobility, it is best to resist the impulse to "go just in case" as this w ill gradually reduce the bladder capacity There is an amazing range of liners, pants, etc. these days and the technology means that accidents are completely absorbed away from the skin. Loads of women suffer from bladder weakness with without PD or old age so your mom belongs to a big club..

  • One of the many possible manifestations of PD.

    There are effective medications.

    In some cases, Botox is recommended, but the results are not long-lived.

  • Thank you all - all your responses are much appreciated .!!

  • Our very learned friend - @

    silvestrov told me about this product - Im trying to give mom cranberry juice/lemon/dandelion tea - hoping to do a kidney and liver detox - will this help in that or be contraindicatory - not clear ..

  • My husband uses this and it has helped but results vary. Actually his worst times were when the the room was spinning for 1-2 minutes when he laid down and when he got up from bed. After 3 doctors did a test for this, our chiropractor caught it and did some kind of manipulation and he hasn't had that sensation since (over 6 months) and his balance issues have improved. (Also soon after this he started his first PD med 10/100 C/L and shortly after that Manitol (5 months now). Many of his PD symptoms have improved and he hasn't had at all incidences where he has no control, although he does still have varying amount of urgency and frequency but they are manageable. Often hard to tell where improvements come from, but I am guilty of introducing more than one intervention at a time. Do think the Natural Bladder product is helpful. He is down to 2-3/day.

  • Thank you for your response , 2-3 a day of what ? I try to introduce multiple things too - and we take care of one thing and then have to deal with another demon .. really hard . I want her to go pee a lot to get rid of the water weight - as I cen see bloating and puffy when I facetime - so I did the cranberry therapy ,Does this control the number of times you go or the ability to control when you go ?>

  • There are occupational therapists who have developed bladder programs specifically for people with PD. The OT who lead my LSVT BIG AND LOUD program had a clinic specific to this. Check with your neurologist or your local Parkinson's organization. If there isn't one in your area, perhaps there is a therapist who would be willing to be trained and take this on. This doesn't help you at the moment,but it certainly is a need.

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