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76 and running out of time

Autorisation was given 2 years ago for the release of Xadago to the European market. Since then the medication has become available in several countries of Europe and recently in USA. It will soon become available in Australia and New Zealand. I have been following the evolution of this drug since almost 2 years and it's very trying on my patience because I live in a country controlled by

French jurisdiction and it is not available here.

Is anyone taking Xadago and what kind of relief is it bringing. Any positive results could boost my patience for it is not expected to become available in France before the end of this year...

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Please explain how Xadago helps? What is it? Husband has Parkinson's, seems to be Atypical in nature, progressing. Info please. Also, how does medical marijuana help? Again husband has Parkinson's, atypical, one hellish symptom is extreme anxiety. He had been given Ativan and small dose of morphine by Hospice to help? Any others with ideas, success stories with anxiety symptoms.


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