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Hey Guys it is HAL or is it. As you know it is very hard to be yourself so we put up shields. It is also hard to be funny and politically correct. " that is why comedians have stopped playing colleges". I have hurt peoples feelings not meaning to. Should I back off on the humor or don't worry about hits and misses. I know do to Buzze's likes their are at least 8 people who want to see me back, that is 8 out of 8,000 so 0.1 %. I know there are lots of loved ones taking care of PDers and they will not get some of my humor.

Things people without Parkinson's would never have a clue to even think about such as "When I walk by a mime does he think I am making fun of him?"

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  • Hal, I do enjoy your humor. Often it has made me laugh out loud. Other times, not too funny, but that has more to say about ME than about you. You have NEVER offended me. I think people who find your humor offensive can just skip reading your contributions, but why punish those who catch the humor?

    I hardly come on this site anymore and when time provides I plan to write a "goodbye". My son was DX in January with PSP. Not good. I now go the PSP community sharing.

    There is very little humor among the PD shares, and as yet I find none on the PSP site. I think God gave us emotions to enable us to deal with life. Sometimes we just need to cry and other times a good laugh HELPS..... to not take ourselves too seriously and to realize that there is room for laughter in the midst of tragedy and heart ache.

    What is easier for you....is what you should do.

  • I'm so sorry. it's a very hard life, Mary

  • Thank you for your response. I have read your sharings.

  • I too am sorry to hear your update. I had read your shares about your son, he is indeed fortunate to have you.

  • Hi Stevie3, thank you. I too have read yours. Because of your sharing I chose Zandopa when I switched him from C/L-dopa to Mucuna.

    In January, 2017, with the new PSP DX, and strong suggestions from his new Neuro, he was put back on C/L-dopa. He was also put on Lexapro (5mg).

    He recently started experiencing high intensity ANXIETY, horrible. A week ago I cut back his C/L-dopa and added back the Zandopa. His ANXIETY has been cut at least by 2/3.

    I was distraught when he was DX with PD. Now, I wish that if he had to have a neurological DX it had remained PD.

    I hope to have time to write a transition good-bye in a couple of months. Thank you for your sharing on the Zandopa.

  • Enjoysalud,

    I really found your posting to be very helpful and encouraging. I often do take myself too seriously.

  • Thank you, I'm glad I was helpful.

  • So touched by your message - may you be granted strength, health, hope and peace.

  • Thank you...............and may my FEAR lessen.

  • Totally understand... I have an adult son with Down Syndrome who was high functioning healthy young man holding 2 part-time jobs. Two years ago he went into a major health crisis and eventually was diagnosed with Lyme. Later I was diagnosed with Lyme as well and last month with PD. Have had all kinds of 'what ifs' creeping into my mind . Trying to change my 'stinking thinking' as Joyce Meyer says. She is my cheerleader these days - her Enjoying Everyday Life show on TV builds me up, as well as learning to live in the present moment which doesn't come naturally since I've always been a worrier and thinking too much about the future.

    May divine peace crowd out all your fears and help you to find joy even in smallest things - there is always so much to be thankful for, no matter what the situation is...

  • Faridaro, I do agree with you. As a friend told me, "Sigue la vida". Life continues. I am thankful for each new day, and all the blessings it brings, but FEAR is a demon of mine.

  • Will be praying for you to be free from it... I have a set of CDs from J. Meyer titled "the fearsome four: overcoming fear, guilt, insecurity and worry" which kind of helped to put things in the perspective, but still need to work on it myself.

  • Love your humour. Love the fact you say what you feel like saying. No need to change- this site can be very depressing otherwise.

  • I figured out it was you (Hal as Serenity) because in an old post I remembered you asked a specific question and then, all of the sudden, your question remained and your identity changed. Good to have you back.

  • Silvesrov, even you, who is usually so serious, left me with the best laughter (as good as supplements/medicine) when you posted that clip from the PINK PANTHER movie. It was in response to another sharing (which was good too), but yours left me laughing out loud. Even now I still chuckle. It made me feel good. I believe that laughter is the best medicine. THANK YOU!!!

  • Yes, I got spooked.



    I had to step back and analyze the situation. Was I doing more harm than good. I am still interested in hearing the cons of making light of Parkinson's.

  • Serenity_finaly-1 I'm glad you're back! I don't post much, my guy Ron is a Parkie, but I truly enjoy your humor, sometimes dark, and your exchanges with others who understand and share your sense of humor. Smiling is not only good for the face, it's wonderful for the soul! Please don't leave again!

  • I remember you

    Slim on Andy 's very short lived TV Show . No body understood either of them . Both truly great. Now get up, stop worrying about everything and do something funny, the world awaits you .

    When my life is through, and the angels ask me to recall , I will tell them, I remember You. Beautiful.

    Rose Marie

    Indian love call

    Ya gota love it

  • I feel like I was serenaded by GymBag himself. Thank you.

  • LMFAO!!! "When I walk by a mime does he think I am making fun of him?"

  • You get me buzz.

  • I got one. A PWPD's complaint. They keep being propositioned in men's rooms, impossible to only shake it twice. :)

  • Now that is funny. I was taught no more than 3 shakes or you are considered playing with yourself. I see that I was not the only one.


  • How about this one? Not everyone will get it.

    "Is it drunk you are or are you just happy to see all of us?"

  • The weather is here....wish you were beautiful.

  • It does not matter what you call yourself, you are you, You do not offend others, others allow themselves to be offended by you. puts a different complex on the subject.

    Come back Hal as Hal, we can all offend together.

  • Hi Hal. I enjoy a good laugh from you. Or anyone else that still see's things that are funny. Good for the soul.

  • Life is absurd and boy howdy, we better keep laughing. Great to hear from you Hal!

  • I enjoy your humour Hal. Lord, if we can't laugh at ourselves, all hope is indeed lost. Personally, I think I am hilarious.

  • Proverbs 17:22

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