The Parkinson's Pledge

PARKINSON'S MOVEMENT supports the Parkinson's Pledge. Please take 2 minutes to watch our video and sign the pledge. Tell your friends, whether they have PD or not to do the same. We want a million signatures to make governments and legislators recognise PD a global health priority. Please sign the pledge at the website shown in the video. And let us know!

5 Replies

  • my husband and i have just signed the pledge and sent it to 15 other people

  • hi

    thanks for the pledge

    i did nto know itexisted

    love jill :-

  • My wife JennyR and I signed the pledge and sent the request to 53 friends and neighbors. Looking this morning I find that 7 have also signed.

  • I am my husband's caregiver and just signed the pledge. I am going to send it to my family and friends.

  • This was my WPC pledge video

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