Dr. Stanley Fahn - Myths and Mistakes in PD Treatment

Dr. Stanley Fahn - Myths and Mistakes in PD Treatment

World-famous leader in movement disorders, Dr. Stanley Fahn was the keynote speaker discussing myths and misconceptions in PD. May 2016.

I found this video/powerpoint presentation to be informative and enlightening. He directly confronts the myths, the facts, and some of the remaining mysteries that are involved in selecting and personalizing med treatments for PWP. Cuts through the BS!

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  • Thank you. I shall pass this on.

  • Wow! This was great! It answered a lot of questions my husband has. He says he is going to watch it again. We were especially interested in how much Sinemet he could take when he gets the non motor symptoms that make him feel so out of sorts.

    We are going to have the leader of our Parkinson's support group watch it.

  • Fantastic presentation--thank you so much for sharing!

  • Dr. Fan was my husband's doctor after seeing 15 doctors for the disease. His symptoms began after being diagnosed with cervical dystonia after a fall. He is taking Artane for the muscle spasms and Cymbalta for depression for the past 5 years. We have continued with this regimen with a local neurologist and will probably visit Dr. Fan when his disease progresses. He is truly a wonderful doctor, top in his field.

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