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Recruitment has begun for the Georgetown University "PD Nilotinib" phase 2 trial

On the Clinical Trials website, the project description for the Georgetown University "PD Nilotinib" phase 2 trial has recently been updated.

The "Estimated Study Completion Date" is now given as "July 2020".

Recruitment has now begun.

In an email to me in November last year GU said that for their Nilotinib trials they will only be recruiting patients who live within 50 miles of Georgetown University Hospital in Washington DC. I would imagine that this is still the case (assuming that they have no trouble getting their 75 recruits).

From another source I also have the following information:

- GU has convinced the drug maker Novartis to provide Nilotinib and matching placebo to the PD trial;

- They also have approval for drug donation for an extension trial in PD that will follow the double-blind placebo-controlled trial. The extension trial will be open-label, where all participants in the double-blind trial will receive the drug for one year.

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Uncertainty has recently been expressed regarding one aspect of the GU Phase 1 results.

"Could MAO-B Inhibitor Withdrawal Rather than Nilotinib Benefit Explain the Dopamine Metabolite Increase in Parkinsonian Study Subjects?"


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