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I posted about anxiety and problems with Parkinsons but had not introduced myself. I try to keep active and plan "jobs" to do but doesn't always work out. I have problems with swallowing, throat clearing and tremor, have always had severe anxiety and depression but it has got worse over the years. I used to be very interested in model railways and general d.i.y but now find it frustrating that I can't stop the shaking so cannot hold tools for long, adding to anxiety.

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  • Have you tried Medication?

  • Hi, do you mean medication for anxiety, yes have tried medication of various types, meditation, yoga, talking therapy. At moment on Trazodone for anxiety and also diazepam to calm me down. Also take parkinsons meds Madopar and Selegeline.

  • You found something about the model railway. Never mind the limitations, you Found Something!

    Tell me what the railway gave you?

    I'm excited for you. This is not about anxiety, it's about finding Something.


  • Have you tried NAC? I have found it very helpful.

  • No haven't even heard of it, Astra7, but googled it and am curious.

  • I s the throat clearing just an irritation (although mine drives me nuts) or something more?

    Every now and then it starts to worry me a bit

  • Hello Paddyfield, I am replying on behalf of Smithardly (my hubby) he does have a problem with a lot of saliva and mucus that causes a lot of throat clearing especially with hot drinks. He also has a large pouch in his throat where food can collect, has been offered surgery but has declined! Hope you're problem not causing you to much trouble.

  • Smithardly, do you get any kind of regular exercise? Have you tried any of these PD classes like Big and Loud? I do Rock Steady Boxing, and that includes some voice work. I don't have the swallowing problem but I have a right side tremor and it drives me bonkers.

    p.s. Glad you joined the group!

  • What helps ur tremor

  • Hi Rosabellazita, my tremor is helped when I sit and relax, for example listening to music and my wife says I rarely shake when asleep. The problem is worse when eating or if I get nervous about anything. Relaxation certainly helps and have many cd's - my wife has a lot of yoga ones - which help at the time but doesn't in my case last for long.

  • Hi, yes used to go to a class at local PD group but wasn't my thing. Do try and go for a walk most days. Also have attended classes at hospital parkinsons clinic, but course was only for 6wks .

  • Consider Rock Steady Boxing. It is not only a blast,, but it gives your system a jolt that lasts. There's something about the intense, short interval exercise that provides a neuroprotective benefit. Here's a clip about Scott Newman, the lawyer who got early onset PD but regained a lot of his motor skills with the help of a boxer pal. It was so successful they started Rock Steady Boxing, first in Indiana, now in many cities.

    Oh -- p.s. -- you don't hit anyone. It's "non-contact" boxing.

  • Hi Beckey, Our YMCA started RS Boxing a few months ago and it's made a big difference in my guy, he looks forward to it! The program has so many benefits, it's not just boxing, they also focus on balance, stretching, focus, etc.

  • exercise! have something to look forward to, red wine, and watch mindless entertainment! no more news in 2017 for me!

  • Ha ha ha! I hear you!


    I think you are remarkable from the little i can read btween the lines. You have had PD diagnosed 12 yrs now I think. I have two suggestions you might ask your doctor about. Both are medication.

    Beta blockers are heart medication but also popular with actors etc for. anxiety (stage fright) and used to control essential tremor. You may find some relief with them. Not all types are effective. I think The best/most popular is propanolol.

    Amantadine has helped my tremor alot but there can be side effects like seeing little green men that arent there so low dose and slow introduction.

    Good luck

  • Its not cheap but have you come across this?


  • Thanks Hiko, spoon looks worth a try. Have taken propranolol in the past but maybe worth giving it another try think at the time was also taking citalapram and it didn't mix or could have been the Selegeline not good with one or the other, will mention it to doc again.

  • Yes selegiline particularly has lots of contra indications but some are not so significant at our low dose.

    Have you seen this? You need the inventors to work with you now!


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