Worse balance problems and continuous motion after excercise?

I have never posted but I've seen a lot of useful information and support in this group. I have a question about an odd symptom I have. Does anyone experience worse problems with balance or continuous motion after excercise? I find that as I excercise, even just with walking, my balance continues to get worse. I can't seem to stop, feet start moving with little steps until I am moving again, seems like my center of gravity is ahead of me. If I do stop, like for a traffic light, I pitch forward and have to hold onto something or I will fall over. Sometimes when the balance is really off, I have to step backwards and forwards to stay up until things calm down. This doesn't happen when just walking into the next room but more often triggered with excercise or fatigue.

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  • Sometimes when I first start exercising, my tremor seem a little worse during exercise, but afterwards it's better. It gets better with time if I keep my routine up. As far as balance, they teach us in my "non-contact" boxing class to stand like a boxer (one foot in front) in and you won't tip over like you would if you were standing with your feet next to each other. It really works. See illustration on the website attached: expertboxing.com/boxing-bas...

  • I have always had a harder time with balance after about a hour of strenuous exercise or a hour and 45 min of Segway ridding.

  • Did you say Segway?

  • Yes, they are great fun. I found it interesting that even if I am barely moving but just trying to focus on what is around me that I am still chewing up dopamine.

  • I believe 300 muscles are involved in standing upright

  • I think I remember that symptom is called a festinating gait. Look up Parkinson's and festination. There may be some strategy or exercise tips to help withe problem.

  • I would say related to the festination I see online but odd when you want to stop exercising and your body starts back up. Definitely an unusual feeling in my head that things are off balance so was wondering if vascular? Or different types of festination? Maybe mine is just not as advanced as in the videos?

    I know the excercise helps in the long run but I do have more difficulty starting and stopping movement with it. Thanks for the insight.

  • Hi Falcon. The way you describe your problem appears to be caused by your posture, but I could not state that as a fact. If you email me at johnpepper@telkomsa.net I will try to help you.

  • Hi Falcon, I think what you describe is festination as Buzz said. I had two friends doing this this week and both were propelled forward as you describe and fell over. Some people also find they are propelled backward. I don't think there is an easy solution and I don't think your experience is all that strange - just another of the PD symptoms. It seems those with stiffness rather than tremor dominant have this problem worse. Have you been diagnosed long?

  • Only a year and a half although I noticed balance and gait issues 4 years ago with my sports. Blamed it on fatigue and working too much to start with. I do have a lot of stiffness and FOG that go along with the balance problems so trying to increase activity overall to regain some strength and flexibility. But interesting, the tremor did not start until later. The excercise just seems to trigger this particular symptom but on a positive note, my body won't let me quit too soon.

  • I frequently experience this same thing. So often, in fact, that I'm learning to compensate by always holding onto something or someone, making certain I always have one hand free, and concentrating on my walking rather than those around me. At times, I've even had to ask my husband for silence while I think as I move!

  • I am sorry this is so much more frequent for you. I do know I am more likely to fall if I get distracted, and I have seen others post about consciously thinking about movements. I do find this helps me.

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