Is this pd?

i'm new here (joined in late july) forgot to check in.

I probably have pd, need much more than I got to be convinced. I have no tremors, I have a defined spot in my bicep area that feels like a tear when I raise my arm, I have that signature small print, is that conclusive of pd? I think I may have a circulation problem, right arm is swollen....bulging veins.....

another thing, my earlier symptoms appeared and disappeared, more recently my symptoms seem to be travelling upward, what I mean is my leg regained strength, weakness is in lower back now.

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  • Only one answer for you Go to the doctor.

  • no.

  • is it the bulguing veins on my hand that eliminate pd?

  • no

  • what makes you think I don't have pd?

    i'm a little bit better versed on the subject it parkinsonism syndrome? no sign of the quick decent into dementia,

    my speech was affected for a while, but it's back and holding (anxiety was partially the problem there, I think, it seems I lost the capacity to speak quickly for a while.)

    but my balance problems reappeared shortly after the strength in my knee returned. I think i'm undergoing a reducation of balance center, wherever that is, because when I was dragging my leg around, my hip started to ache because it was bearing the brunt of extra weight of unbalanced gait. know what I mean?

    I should mention that I still drag my (right) leg a bit, but it's not as pronounced, and it's not the dead weight it used to be.

    I react to fatigue quickly. have to take time to recoup. that, my swollen bulgy hand and balance problem is really the only complaints I have.

  • Not necessarily. I have bulging veins when the meds are wearing off. You need to go to the doctor and tell him/her your concerns. Don't get discouraged if they say it's nothing to worry about. That drives me crazy when the doctors do that. I've been trying to find out for years, a least 5, why I feel horrible a lot of the time. It was not until the tremors started earlier this year that the doctor would even consider PD, and then he took a wait and see what happens attitude. It wasn't until just this past week that he finally decided to give me carb/levo a try and it worked fantastically. I'm a little annoyed that I had to go through what I considered torture for the last few months with muscle tenseness and aches and tremors before he would try anything. But I'm so happy to get some relief that I forget to be mad at him.

  • thank-you, will have to barge in on md and be nasty, end of month. live in the country and am busy like hell. so many things have to be done before foul weather arrives.

    wait a minute, you're on multiple medications. it might help if you could tell me if it's your blood pressure meds or diabetis meds?

    my blood pressure was good, but they had cuff on healthy arm.....don't know if that would make diff...could raise low pressure to good me thinks?

  • Nothing you have written suggests Parkinsons to me at all

  • we'll see, i'm taking the test of time for now. I might have atypical pd or pd syndrome. (they couch their ignorance of pd in dissemination of terms)

    the way I class it, is movement disorder.

  • I don't understand what you mean by "it might help if you could tell me if it's your blood pressure meds or diabetes meds." Do you want to know what meds I take for BP and Diabetes? If that's the question I take Bystolic and Furosimide for my BP and I take Trulicity for my Diabetes.

    In the above post I was talking about the PD med Carb/Levo

  • which meds cause your bulgy veins.....probably blood pressure pills, right. i'm worried about right hand, it's not cold anymore so I guess it's not about to wither, but it' still swollen with "varicose" veins.

    I understand that there are valves in veins that prevent backflow...don't understand why medics don't say anything. going to deal with them shortly.

  • Is there a diagnoses yet? PD or not to PD that is the question.

  • saw neuro on 30th....didn't get any real answers.......or get to ask much....he did say my pd was atypical. bulgy hand was md's call?!?

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