Mucuna Pruriens - a few more questions

I'm still debating experimenting with Mucuna and so have a few more questions. I've perused both HealthUnlocked and Neuro-Talk but haven't found these particular questions addressed. So, here they are, and if anyone can shed some light on any of them, I would be most appreciative.

1) I'm planning on ordering from Banyan Botanicals. They make both a whole bean powder and a liquid extract. They state that people with weak or slow digestive systems might benefit more from taking the liquid extract, since there is no fibrous plant material for the body to process. Here's my question: Has anyone taken both the powdered bean form and the liquid extract? If so, can you compare the effects of the two?

2) I have a concern about becoming dependent on something that is made by only a few suppliers and, at the same time, is totally at the mercy of both weather conditions and market conditions. Has anyone who takes/has taken Mucuna ever had a problem with their supplier running out of the product?

3) One of the drawbacks that several people wrote about over in Neuro-Talk was the rapid wear-off of Mucuna. It sounds like it wears off much quicker than C/L. Has anyone found this to be true? If so, did you discover any way to prevent the rapidity of the wear-off, like staggering it with C/L instead of taking it at the same time as the C/L?

4) One of the things that draws me to Mucuna is that I've read several people's observations that food doesn't interfere with Mucuna as much as it does with C/L? Has anyone experienced this?

Thanks for any feedback.

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  • I'm in relatively early stages of PD and I use MP to help minimise the amount of prescribed medication I take. I use a powdered form, Zandopa, ordered from a supplier in India. I order four tubs at a time - in 18 months I've never had a problem with my supply. I've never used c/l so can't comment on wear-off times. Why not just buy a tub and jump? If it isn't for you, then you can stop. Start slowly - a little at a time and work your way up. It makes me slightly nauseous on first taking it but that goes quickly. It lasts me about four/5 hours. There are some great posts on here on how people have used it but ultimately, you have to give it a go to see if it's for you.


  • Where fo you order from?

  • eBay, actually. I'm not promoting them but I get them from a company called hotdealsbazzar. I've never had any problems, I buy in bulk and it arrives in about a week.

  • Yes, HeartSong, I can respond to your questions.

    I went to Banyan first and ordered their whole bean product, but it gave me no relief from RL. I needed the EXTRACT. I wanted the highest concentration of L-Dopa the bean could offer, so I went to and ordered their 98% Mucuna EXTRACT. That has worked for me for the 6 months I've used it. ( I ordered the 250 grams at $43.95, and it has lasted me 6 months. I've just received my second order from them, and I'm not out of the first order yet.) I take it with Almond milk that I add Stevia to, and it makes a wonderful drink. Otherwise, on its own (the powder has NO taste) it tends to upset my stomach. So, the Almond milk with it has worked great for me.

    I have not had any trouble with my supplier. But I've only used them for 6 months. Anything can happen with supply of ANYTHING. But this bean has been used widely for both PD and RL. The bean is apparently in plentiful supply and has been a cash cow for those who sell it (it's been used for hundreds of years to control PD naturally, or for body builders just to feel good.) With the world in such a shape as it is, who knows what will happen to the supply of anything.

    When I began my initial research on Mucuna, I ordered a 15% extract capsule. (I think 15% must be for those body builders or others who just want to feel good. They take Mucuna recreationally.) That does not last long at all. Then I went to a 40% extract capsule. That lasted me a couple hours. Then I went to a 95% extract capsule which lasted me about 3-4 hours. (I empty the capsules into a glass then add water or juice (NOT dairy milk); it takes affect much quicker if the stomach doesn't have to dissolve the capsule before it can get to the Mucuna. My current product is from Powder City, 98% Mucuna Extract, and I used 1/2 tsp. a half hour before bedtime. Within 30 to 45 minutes I am not having any RL symptoms. (My symptoms usually start at sundown (here in the US about 8-9 p.m.). I don't go to bed until 10:30 or 11. So I am on my feet staying busy staving off the RL until that time. That 1/2 tsp. lasts me 4 hours. At the end of 4 hours I am up again taking more Mucuna. This lasts another 4 hours. All in all, I get 8 hours of good sleep. It's not ideal since sleep is interrupted in the middle of the night, but I was getting NO sleep before Mucuna.

    One study I read on Mucuna stated that the dosage given to RL patients was MUCH, MUCH higher than a mere 1 tsp. per night. You could experiment with what works for you. I am pleased that Mucuna is a natural bean that contains vitamins and minerals like other beans we consume in our diet. And, I have found that the small amount I take does add to motility of the digestive tract. In other words, "things" move along just fine! :-)

    I am determined to find natural means to control RL. To me, the natural bean, Mucuna Pruriens, is a God-send for those of us who need Dopamine. I've tried drugs and they ALL have a kickback. Sooner or later I had to take more to get the same level of sleep as in the beginning. Then, the drugs soon stop working and I am worse off than before I swallowed that first drug. I choose natural if I can.

    If I can answer any other questions, please reply to this, and I'll do my best.

    Blessings to you!

  • Thanks, SuperMNew, and blessings right back at ya! Almond milk and Stevia sound delicious. I was wondering what I was going to mix it with. I'll try that.

    You said that you are taking a 98% extract. Is that to say that 98% of what you are swallowing from the bottle is levodopa? If so, then that must mean that what you are taking it not the whole bean extract because everything I've read says that Mucuna plants contain anywhere from 4 to 7 percent levodopa. So, if you were taking a whole bean extract, only 4 to 7 percent of what you swallowed would be levodopa. Does anyone know how the manufacturers make an extract that's higher than 4 to 7 percent?

  • It is my understanding that 98% Mucuna extract is the full levodopa with only 2% filler. I have tried the whole bean preparation, but it is very low in L Dopa, as you said. That preparation was NO help to me. The extract is the pure L Dopa. That is what I use.

    I went to to get my Mucuna extract. You might check with them about manufacturing procedures. I know it works for me.

  • I have been taking a NOW product of mucuna 15%, 3 per day, along with 4 sinimet . 25/100. Lately I have not felt so good, can't sleep etc. Do you take anything else or just the Mucuna? I am thinking of ordering 98% as you did. How often do u take it and how did u know how much to take? Thanks for your help.

  • 15% is a very, very low amount of mucuna. I take 100% mucuna. I take the powder so it is less expensive, and it is pure pharmaceutical grade mucuna EXTRACT. The low dose you are taking is for people who just want to feel good for a while. They don't need the dopamine that you and I need. I take 1/2 tsp. in plain water one-half hour before I want to sleep. Then I sleep very soundly for four hours. Then I must repeat. The 1/2 tsp. is all my very sensitive stomach can handle. But I'm ok with that. I was getting NO sleep before the mucuna. I also take EGCg, 1 600 mg capsule (I get it at the drug store over the counter or from EGCg is green tea extract and it extends the mucuna so I can sleep longer. I take no other medication.

  • I get my mucuna now from Here is their link:

  • Thank you for your reply. I take 4-25/100 seminet as well as the 15% Mecuna. Do u think it would be ok to take the 100% with the seminet, or should I cut back on the seminet. I have a terrible time sleeping and don't feel as good as I used to. I understand you don't give medical advice but appreciate your experience.

  • I would be very careful there. Sennimet, as I understand it, would act as dopamine, and mucuna does the same, so you would be getting a double dose of dopamine. That would not be good. I had a hard time taking medication. I don't like drugs. So mucuna provided me with all I needed. I've been on it for almost 2 years now.

  • Where does Mannitol fit into the equation-it has rave reviews on clincrowd forums , is cheaper but may not work quite the same way. Apparently it reduces clumping and therefore slows progression with other functional testimonies as well .

  • Following w interest- great line of reasoning , here!

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