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Globe Magazine Addresses Inaccurate Article on Michael J. Fox

Posted by Cheryl Blowers, April 29, 2016

On April 4, 2016, Globe magazine published an inaccurate article about Michael J. Fox's health, prompting questions of, "How is Michael doing?" Today, the magazine issued a clarification and apology that read:

Mr. Fox continues to live a fulfilling, successful life and to be an optimistic beacon of unflagging hope and inspiration for people living with the challenges of Parkinson’s. AMI regrets any implication to the contrary.

Michael responded on Twitter to acknlowledge the apology:

7 Replies

  • Thank you Joanne! This bleedin' this has been syndicated everywhere and I've been doggedly removing it :)

    I'll have to find the tweet - good confirmation of what we already knew; that MJF is still running strong!

  • I've tried to copy and paste his tweet but it doesn't work. Anyway, he said:

    "Recent story in the Globe re my health and state of mind went viral. Disturbing and total B.S. The Globe apologizes."

  • I'm sure it didn't hurt that godziliions of people LIKE US called them on the carpet for their cheesy "reporting." Ha!

  • And all the re-posts will be removed from the internet by ....... when?

  • Hes an inspiration!

  • Thanks for the clairification.

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