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Gut Check: Exercise & Intestines

Hi.    Two weeks ago I needed emergency surgery for a twisted small intestine.  For the next 6-7 wks, I have to take things slowly.  Off limits are all of those side-to-side rotational exercises - swimming, boxing, LSVT -- I'd been doing lately that had so helped with my PD.   (and which I am missing already as my gait regressees.)

The surgeons say the twist was just one of those things that happens out of the blue and was not related to PD.  (The PD-constipation link was not a factor in this case.)  Since the surgeons see it as a fluke, they can’t recommend anything to do - or not do - to prevent a recurrence.   

But ...  I’m wondering if the exercises that so helped with my PD may have triggered this intestinal issue  -  and if they could do so again when I resume them.   It's a tricky balance - greater mobility v. life-threatening risk.  Then again, maybe I'm looking for cause-and-effect where there is none.

Anyone else been down this road?   Been looking but not seen this scenario out there.  Any insight appreciated.   Thanks.                 

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No causal relationship to exercise.  Random events occur randomly.  Nothing to do except...  Limit oral intake if symptoms seem to start again.... Some obstructions clear on their own....  Start aggressive walking SOON...  I am a retired GI surgeon...


Tribselyov, thanks so much.    Did start the walking this afternoon...

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Hi Motal. This happened to me, with the same outcome. The surgeon suggested that it might kave been caused by the medication I was on, which was an MAO-b inhibitor named Eldepryl (Selegiline)

Do you take an MAO-b inhibitor?



Hi John.  Did your doc say what it was in particular about the MAO-b inhibitor that may have triggered the episode?

I do take Azilect (rasagiline).

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