What is the Meaning of Conscious Control of Movement?

What is the Meaning of Conscious Control of Movement?

This is an email received from a lady who Skyped me from Australia and asked me to tell her mother what to do to overcome her stooped posture and to walk properly. I told her what to do on the Skype call and this is what she sent me yesterday:

Hello John - I hope this email finds you well and rested from your latest tour!!

Once again, it was such a pleasure talking to you in our recent SKYPE meeting a few weeks ago.

I thought you would be interested in an update, and we would certainly love to share our experience with others who may be interested

Thanks to you John, Mum has found hope, inspiration and most importantly, the motivation needed to get back in control and back into life!!

The next morning, after our meeting with you, she was up walking the technique that you instructed - and the instant results have blown us away!! She has literally straightened up over night, her confidence is making a huge come-back and she has even started leaving her wheelie walker behind , in some instances, - while at home. These may sound like small steps but in our life - they're huge steps!!

To see our beautiful Mum standing taller and straighter than we've seen in ages, moving more easily and with a smile on her face is priceless. She now has the determination and mindset needed to continue walking and exercising with new found vigour and with the knowledge that more exercise means less medication.

Together as a family, we know there's a long way to go, with some days harder than others , but now we live with the hope that every day Mum gets closer to gaining back the quality of of life she deserves as opposed to falling into the frightening void of the unknown.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge John and giving people a realistic and affordable approach in being able to live a positive and happy life with PD.

Thanks and Warm Regards


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  • That is great make a video and post it on the web.  Then we can all  use it. 

  • Hi Bailey. If only life were as simple as that. I am under an obligation to Dr Norman Doidge to not post any video onto the web until his documentary movie has been released. We made that movie last year in August but have no idea when it will be released. When it is, I will have a video up and running, ready to go.


  • Hi Badboy. Your message is loud and clear. I am going to ignore the advice on how to deal with people like you: Ignore them! But because I don't charge for anything I do relating to Parkinson's disease, I wonder why I even bother sometimes, but the letter contained in this article makes the work I do worthwhile.

    I have just spent 2 months touring Australia and New Zealand, at my own expense, telling people with Pakinson's disease how they can improve their quality of life by doing certain very simple things. I do not claim to be cured of Pd, nor do I claim to sell anything to anybody that will cure their Pd.

    At the age of 81, it is becoming very difficult for me to travel long distances in CABIN CLASS for a total of 33 hours, as in my last trip back home. My wife, who has recently had a hip replacement, found it even more difficult and quite painful. But I know she will do it again because THE BENEFITS TO PD SUFFERERS MAKES IT SO WORTHWHILE!

    At every single meeting we held on that trip I was able to show everybody with walking problems, HOW TO WALK PROPERLY! There were many people who were too shy to come up and let me show them but I did not force them to come up. I am not a showman and I have no ulterior motive for doing this. Yes, the organisers did collect money, some of which they gave to me to set off our airfares, but that did not cover all the out-of-pocket expenses involved. It did help me to continue to make plans to go to the USA and Canada between July and October, where I intend to show many more people how to overcome many of their movement problems.

    You stick to your agenda, whatever it is and I'll stiick to mine!

    I hope I will get more emails from many more people who have benefitted from what I am trying very hard to do.


  • Hi John

    Keep up the good work sorry I missed yourAustralian tour, but can't wait for the video!

    I am already noticing improved movement on my left side consciously swinging my arm when walking,doing Qigong and trying to use my arm in ways I didn't realize it had stopped functioning properly.

    I have decided on no meds at this stage

    Thanks again

  • @JohnPepper; You keep up the good work!! I can hardly wait until the video comes out!!

    It has been my experience in life is that the more good you do,  the more naysayers you are going to have.

    Use them as stepping stones and keep on with your good work!!

    And to the naysayers, please don't share you bad day attitude. I have enough to deal with if I should not have to process your  ranker.

    Go do your own work instead!!

  • Thanks Stargate. I just don't understand Pd patients not wanting to know about things thay can ALL do to make life easier for themselves. If they are unable to walk, then why try to steer others away from wanating to do so? If these naysayers are not even Pd patients, then do they feel good about knowing what Pd patients suffer on a daily basis and what their care-givers go through on a daily basis, when much of that hardship can be turned around?

    This is a strange world we live in!


  • @JohnPepper : Yes it is.

    What someone taught me is to do what is for me to do, and let go of the outcome.

    When I can do that, I sure feel better!!

    Thank you for being in our midst!

    Thank you for so passionately sharing what you know🌺

    Lovingly, Eva G.

  • The POST speaks to Conscious Control and Posture, which brings to mind fenestration.  I am working with the posture issue and walking. His 4 Gait Exercise gets to your issue.  Enthusiastically recommend Kevin Lockette's MOVE it! program, DVD and e-book.  Find them .on Goggle.BillDavid

  • Hi Bill. When you freeze and quickly 'shudder' from one leg to the other, you will find that if you first relax and then place your body-weight onto the left or the right foot you will be able to lift the other foot off the ground and gegin walking again properly. If you concentrate on the actual walking movement, you will walk propley all the time. Oh! By the way, 'Stand up staright!' Bad posture is merely a bad habit!  There is nothing stopping you from standing up straight, only loss of muscle tone from lack of use.


  • John you are correct of course.  I did not mention in my Post that       I use taichi to effect what you suggest. 

    Again Thanks "

  • Hi Bill. I have not done any Tai Chi but from what I know and what I have ssen with people doing some of the execises it appears that Tai Chi connects the conscious brain to the limbs and muscles, of which I srongly approve.


  • After 25 years with PD my Husband has started to stoop. I fear that the video will not be out in time to help him.

  • Hi Gwinniel. Read the above answer to Bill's post.


  • Thank you John.

  • I wish I could see "before" and "after" photos! Is this possible, John, or does the embargo hold for still photos as well as video?

  • Hi Beckey. I can make a before and after video and as soon as I have the time to do so, it will be done and psoted on Twitter. I am not able to show the way this is acheived, which only takes a minute anyway.


  • I think John's message is along similar lines to LSVT BIG program. Re training the brain through conscious movement. I've found it very beneficial. 

  • Hi Grower. It's funny you should say that. My 1st book came out in 2003, long before the LSVT program was started.


  • I don't think there's a competition between your ideas John, think that you both however are on the right path. Not saying anyone copied anyone! 

  • Hi Grower. I don't mind who copies me as long as the message gets out there that there is a lot we can all do to help ourselves with Pd.


  • I think you're doing a great job John, thank you.  Whilst all the doctors can tell us is 'take drugs' it's great that you're trying to spread the message that there are other ways.  And ways that our bodies can do themselves, which is surely more healthy.  I wish I could have made your UK tour, maybe next time!

  • Hi Earthmover. I plan to come back to the UK in October, are you prepared to help me get it organised?


  • It's great that you're coming back.  I'm afraid I don't have any spare time as I'm busy managing my mum's care.  Sorry about that.

  • John, I  posted two links with reviews. If you have issues with the posters in those links you should take it up with them. I noticed many positive as well as negative reviews. Don't shoot the messenger as I remain neutral.

  • Hi Badboy. Where did you do those postings?


  • John,

    Third reply on this thread.

  • Kerynn, Sooooo glad your Mom is better following John's great advice! I strongly encourage her to keep working at it, I believe in exercises and especially in John's theory since I had lately the pleasure and honor to meet him in Burlingame California!

    I would like to share my story !or Each Parkinson patient has experienced different results taking CL, here is mine :

    Diagnosed 5 years ago , even though resisting taking medication, I got convinced by Drs and family members that it would improve quality of life! I started then LD and it was increased to 8 a days as PD progressed but it never removed all disorders!

    For my first time, I have participated in a Clinical Research “Neurodegeneration and Brain Function in Aging with Parkinson Disease” . On 8/18 an MRI was taken while OFF medications since 6 pm the day before - 1st time on No medication since diagnostic - in the morning I had many times Dystonia, freezing, needed my husband help for me to get ready...To our astonishment after noon I was able to get off the car by myself and then to walk on to the registration desk , perform many movement tests, take the bus, first golf cart ride , MRI etc ...with no problems , was fine and surprised from the positif result !!

    Since then I attended John's lecture and with hope I consulted with my Neurologist . With her help , I gradually reduced Sinemet, I am now on 4 instead of 8 and feeling well, more energy, less apathy , no more freezing!!!!

    EXERCISES is my theory : weekly 5 hrs regular walk + 2 hrs Yoga class + 3 hrs exercises for PD class + I have started to follow John’s advice I am on 3 x 10’ fast walk a week !!!

    Below is John's website link where you will find inspiration, great advices , his wonderful theory and how you can order his great book ! Cannot wait to watch the film!!!!!

    ( John, please keep us informed when film release has been done !)


    Best to all fighting PD.😉

  • Its over a year now, what about an update of this woman's progress

  • Are you speaking to me or this lady? I have no way of knowing who she is, although I would like to.

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