i have a good supply of Zandopa if anyone wants to try it. it has been approved by the FDA for early PD (look up the study). having just had heart failure, my husband is now past the stage where it is effective for him and it is just taking up shelf space. it is not expensive, maybe $12 and you pay postage. it isn't sold here and i have ordered it from India (Combatore) and the UK. let me know if you are interested.

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  • Hi Donzim, I just wanted to say that I'm in relatively early stages and I use Zandopa to great effect so if anyone is wondering about trying it, this is your opportunity! I order in bulk from India so have plenty, but in the beginning, I only bought it a tub at a time until I was sure it worked for me. After three tubs, I was a convert.

  • Hi, Stevie3. Where do you order Zandopa. In you post you said it is from India. Is this the one from Amazon (container with purple lid) or people order Zandopa from a special website? Thanks.

  • google Combatore and Zandopa. Combatore is a store in India......a real store of just online i do not know. they have recently changed the bottle to purple. the old one which is what i have is brownish.

  • I order it from eBay where it is much cheaper than Amazon. Hotdealsbazzar do four tubs for 24.99. It is the one with the purple lid.

  • Thank you, I will look it up.

  • Sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he is recovering?

  • PDers get UTIs frequently. He got one but it was obscured by the edema from a recent heart event. IN THE ER, we were getting some tests done to see why he wasn't getting rid of the edema when he went into crisis, his sugar dropped to 40, bp plummeted, his kidneys failed totally and he had sepsis...all from the UTI! Written off by the hospitalist(don't get me started on that!), we were told he should go to hospice to die. Particularly since in doing an echo they discovered he had cardiac amyloidosis, a newly discovered and fatal disease. The cardiologist said he would die of it but maybe later so just ignore the hospitalist. The family gathered for the worse but after the fourth day, the kidneys kicked in, he tall eyed and is now home with, unfortunately, only 20%heart function from the onslaught of the event.

    Oddly enough, I had just read here re the woman who went on augmentin antibiotic and had 75%remission of PD symptoms. I mention it because for three days while in the hospital, Don's voice which had been a slight whisper, boomed out like Don of old, pre-PD!!! Not just loud but perfectly clear enunciation. We were stunned. My alternative doc said it was probably the anti-inflammatory effect of the antibiotics rather than 'curing' the PD. Still on them and feeding self and self aware. Dread going off them but keeps me searching for the very best cur cumin and lots of it!

  • Horrible you had to go thru such an ordeal. Prayers to your family. He's blessed to have you by his side. Don't wear yourself into ground...keep self sane & healthy too!

  • I have just ordered Zandopa from India, so I am hopeful it works. Does anyone have a suggestion about dosage and when to start taking it through the day so that it is effective at night?

  • I started taking two of the scoops that come in the tub dissolved in water first thing in the morning. I've progressed to three heaped teaspoons. It makes me slightly nauseous for about 20 minutes, 20 minutes after taking it. I sometimes take two teaspoons at night. It helps my (quite slight) tremor and the uncomfortable 'curling up' feeling I get in my hand and arm. I would stress that I found this dose with trial and error. I think it's best to start low and increase until you get the effect you want.

  • You can always buy large gel caps and stuff them, or have someone else do it while watching tv. You will avoid the nausea I think. We stayed on them for several years, the principle being that the longer you delay the hard drugs, the better. They do wear out and then you are stuck with more complicated stuff. God bless.

  • I find the caps don't work quite as well for me. Don't know why - same stuff!

  • I didn't even know it came in capsules. Maybe the quantity? Don had to take 12 at a dose. They were gel caps stiffed by me, not tablets.

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