Bad day

I'm writing this post to highlight the fact that even Tiggers have bad days. Mine was yesterday. There is truly no need to fill my comments with love, for those of you who care, I know, and I'm truly in your debt.

How bad a day, well as low as I've ever been low enough to write

Whilst everything I believe in and hope for, all my ideals, aims and things I feel so strongly about stands still I have to wonder are they simply things on the wings of a dying butterfly.

Sad. Makes me sad.

My point is this. It was a bad day, isolated, rare, normal and perfectly understandable. It's the ups and downs of life.

I'm not all of a sudden bipolar, or have some syndrome or lasting serious mental health issues. My heart goes out to people who do.

So I'm here 4am, coconut macaroon in hand, dusting the stars that gather on my titanium wings so they shine ever more brightly.

One bad day, forgotten.


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  • Unfortunately, in my case, bad nights seem to follow bad days. 5am is not the best time to be awake. Wish someone would come up with a way to get a good night's sleep. Hope today is a better day for you.

  • I love coconut macaroons!!

  • Does anyone have a recipe for coconut macaroons, please?

  • Dear Henderson;

    God bless you for keeping your wits about you!!

    May tomorrow be better!!

    Hugs and love from Eva


  • Yes, indeed, the best, coconut macaroons! It is 3:30 am. May tomorrow bring a brighter and sweeter day for us all!

    Enjoy the remaining sleep!

  • HI ALL

    I AGREE WITH WHAT HAS BEEN SAID ABOVE- macaroons are a great way of killign time !


    lol jill


  • Each day is fresh start. Who knows what other delights apart from coconut macatoons lie ahead! Best wishes to you

  • Henderson, we are honored to be friends with you. That made me cry. Wow!

  • I would just like to add.......a cocoanut macaroon would keep me awake all night. Just can't have sugar past 3 p.m. :-)

  • That touched my heart and soul. Feel better!

  • Macaroons now on order, for my 3 am 'shift'. Chocolate biscuits were just not cutting it. Here is a giggle for you all, after years of semi successful weight loss attempts, my GP phoned, out of the blue. "Are you eating plenty of fats? You must eat plenty of fats." (I had just upped my protein, on advice). My diet is now extraordinarily different. Trouble is, chips and cakes just aren't the same if they're not naughty! And I crave salad without any dressing.

    Btw I have a weird health condition, caused by a mad midwife, a very severe injury and an unsuccessful attempt to repair. One of the 2 big joints between my spine and my pelvis is a write-off. I keel over sideways, I fold in two, my walking is ceasing. I shuffle (very limited) on a tilt. And I black out, sometimes. I am on morphine and add-ons, the human pharmacy situation many of you will know, as the nerves have not caught up. My other joints (hands, knees, elbows, especially) have taken a lot of punishment.

    The site and my tablet whoosed and matched me with your group, on a physical and hence experiential basis. This has been a day from h**l. But there will be better days, until then there is a cuppa and chatting to people who understand 'housebound, in pain and getting a bit scared of what is going to come'. All anybody can do is keep going and look forward to a 'good' day. In the meantime, sending some tlc to you all. And macaroons are now very definitely on my recovery kit list.

    In the end, there is one thing that helps on the very worst days. If what is happening to me takes just one iota of misfortune away from a youngster,-and the Universe balances out better for them between joy and suffering,- then (with some trepidation) bring it on.......

    And a politely, very flirty French man on a language site, who has no idea of my age or my health! Keep trooping. XX

  • May you have joyful, exhilarating days from now on to offset that one very bad day. xo

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