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Sinemet and Half-Sinemet


My rheumy has told me to take one Sinemet Prolongued Release 'with my breakfast' and one 'Half-Sinemet PR' in the afternoon. I take the first tablet at about 9 o'clock, but am not sure when to take the second one. Is 2 pm too early as I am afraid of forgetting it altogether if I leave it until later.

How long is the effect of Sinemet PR meant to last?

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My wife with PDwas originally prescribed one 250mg Suina,et in the morning and another pre-dinner in the evening. After a while she started running into an off period mid afternoon, so her consultant suggested continuing with the 250mg pre-breakfast, then taking Half Sinamet PR pre-lunch and another pre-dinner. It is recommended to take the medication 30 to 60 minutes before eating.

She then started getting restless leg in the middle of the night and it was only when we saw a top Parkinson's nurse at Kings that she was told she could take a Half Sinamet in the night to stop the restless leg. She told us that my wife was the best person to control the medication and there was no reason why small adjustments, like the extra Half at night, could not be taken. And it works!

Hope this helps, Trenny.

Pete-1 in reply to paulalex1313

Just to be sure, is "Suina,et" just a miss spelling of Sinemet or is it some strange new exotic drug ???

paulalex1313 in reply to Pete-1

Miss-spelling, or rather not great typing. Sorry!

A half Sinemet is supposed to last for 12 hours, i.e. half a day. Hence the name Half Sinemet. So 9 am for the 1st dose and 9 pm for the 2nd dose.

Pete-1 in reply to Pete-1

Oh righto.

Nice idea, Pete, but a litle confused. It's called half sinemet CR because it's half the strength of the sinemet CR tablet and you shouldn't break these in half because the continuous bit is in the coating. My neuro is quite sceptical about these but they last effectively max 5 hours with me (1/2 S CR). The full ones last the same time but are stronger. I also take seven Sinemet plus 100 mg during the day. Any more dyskenesia sets in. Any less I'm immobile. AND every day I get something wrong. Worst is getting engrossed in something and saying to yourself 'I'll take that pill in a minute' and dismissing my alarm. Yes I've got an app for that and a smart watch. But they are smart and I am dumb so find out what's best for you and stick to it religiously is my main advice.

about 4 hrs

They are actually called Sinemet PR and Half Sinemet PR. The naming is most confusing and it has taken me three weeks to get the correct tablets from the pharmacist with the GP getting confused also. Previously, since December, I was on increasing doses of Sinemet (the lower dose one) and had got up to eight tablets daily in three divided doses.

I can't honestly say that they have made an enormous difference to the tremors, except that I am finding it easier to use the computer mouse and the tremors don't worry me much now, so perhaps they have made a difference!

PaulAlex1313: I will keep your consultant's comment and suggestion about the extra dose in mind. It makes sense.

HI The time released pill is considered an 8 hr tab but take mine every 4 hrs. However I take allot of meds, normal rule is CR Sinement ( time released is an 8 hr slow released med) I would think the dosage schedule is up to you and your nervous system, but some Doctors don't think this way. I had a problem with one Doctor then my new ones at the movement n disorder clinic were wonderful saying if there was a solid answer to med schedules it would be so much easier however us PARKIES ( We can call our self that LOL) all have nervous systems that play differently with meds. Good luck and I m so thankful that there are meds that work, Thanking God daily.

Sorry, being pedantic, they *are* called Sinemet CR and Half Sinemet CR with Prolonged Release on the next line.

I am thinking of trying an extra dose of non-CR sinemet later in the day as I still have several left from the previous regime, but I'll wait a week or so until they have reached their full effect..

Thank you for your replies.

Hi Pete,

I think that you have given the text-book answer re the dosage & its effect but in practice I am finding that 1/2 SinemetPR at night works for the RLS - 1/2 Sinemet during the day doesn't deliver the effect I am seeking. I have just started taking 1/2 SinemetPR mid-morning (10:30 - 11:00) after my usual Sinemet 1st thing (7:00 - 8:30), 1/2 SinemetPR teatime (4:00ish) & at bedtime (10:00ish). The total I take in 24 hours is equivalent to 6 Sinemet 25/100 as advised by my consultant.


good question - makes one stop & think about meds which is no bad idea. In my case all the professionals agree that informed patients should self-medicate as no-one knows better than they what is going on at any given time.

For the record I have upped my dose to one Sinemet CR (50/200mg) twice a day as I have been feeling very weak-kneed the last few weeks and not atall good. I was on 8 12.5mg/50mg Sinemet tablets before the rheumy changed the dose to the equivalent of only six. At the moment I am taking the CR tablets at about 9 am and 2 ish, but I will experiment.

Just wondering, Is your rheumy as qualified as a movement disorder neurologist is?

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