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Multiple System Atrophy

My husband has been diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) I'm looking for treatments that may help him. So far we've done stem cell therapy and acupuncture. He's on several Chinese herbs and other supplements. At one time he was on Levadopa but after no longer getting any benefit has stopped using it. I heard about this Microdose Therapy. Has anyone with MSA tried it with good results or is there something else out there that you've found to work? We live in Houston, TX.

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Is stem cell therapy now available for the public? I thought it was still just in labs on mice etc? Thank you for any information.


We had to go to Germany to receive stem cell therapy. There are places that are reputable in Cancun. Most are doctors that due to FDA have moved there to help keep cost down and still get proper medical attention.


Did the stem cell treatment help your husband ?


Hi Lucindafaye,

I found your post most intriguing. I am 67 & have been dxd with PD for 10 years. Over that time I have tried many approaches to treat the presenting symptoms - symptoms are not static or consistent. For the first 2 years I followed a regime of alternative/natural therapies & treatments, avoiding conventional meds & supported by the PD professionals. After that time my condition had deteriorated so that I was barely mobile, in constant pain & my body contorted from twisting in on itself along the affected (left) side so convential medical treatments were introduced. The treatment which had (& still has) a major impact on my physical wellbeing was 5 Elements acupuncture.

I am a great believer in participating in clinical trials: I have taken part in 3 & did not the criteria for a 4th.

My last trial was Transeuro (Google it) involving transplantation of stem cells. I did not reach this stage as I had to withdraw due to a heart attack.

I'd find it helpful if you could explain the nature of the stem cell therapy which you have tried & for how long you pursued it. Also acupuncture - this is a vast subject with many different bases & applications. As I said previously I am still benefitting from treatment after 8 years so I find the notion of having 'done' it confusing. From my brief reading around Micrododse Therapy it sounds similar to homepopathy.

I wish you well in your endeavours & I'd be really grateful if could help me regarding those you have tried.


I was full blown m.s.a. about to die . mine was caused by acute toxic phenol poisening. both are death sentance. Heres a cut and paste of my previuose writings on the subject to someone.

ok , i couldnt do any meds from drs because i was all side effects combines all ready. zero doc could do for me. Couldnt even treat inflamed liver and hepc. i had hyper everything like fibro and shit. You can shock my feet and thye dnt respond ,lol. trips the drs out. They start rapid firing thier machine doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result till ym skin burns. What was that called again? oh that right "insanity " ,lol.

K , down and dirty here we go baby.....

5k daily vitamin D drops from 9.99 beats 40 bucks the drs charged me for same thing. Made my heart beta right again .It was my first experience with supplement healing. 2k worked at first but stillw as wasting ,a few months later heart messed up again , upped my own dose to 4k a day. Fixed it again , lol. Then watch vitamin D documentaries and did a 30 day 10k daily for a month then 5k daily after that.

Colloidal silver , another super muscle relaxer and fatique beater . I was up in a week afetr cosumming it.I could sit up again . lol. I make my own . Id swell driving a block or sinstantly when i grabbed soemthing . like a 1 gallon pot. I could barely sit up from all the painfull instant fatique of sitting up. I was pretty laid out homebound. Only mov ed to go to bathroom. It eats inflammation for breakfast , inflammation causes pain . get rid of it ! lol. I dont even know i got carpul tunnel and pinched rotator cups and ulneropathies now. lol. I can do movements i could do in ym20s. lol . Like throw ball or swing racket.No longer hurts picking up stuff outta fridge. I had to use all lightweight plastic round utensils cause regular cut into me. I used a steak knife for pancakes. Saver weak. could rest my hand on stuff like table either. Padded carpet would push nerve shit in feet causing ice pick pain in toes. Seams in cloths bothered the heck outta me !

angstrome magnesium for mother earth narurals at Fixed the cipro damage and made it so i dont turn at night form hip pain. instead of ever few minutes turning over can sleep ten hours befor ehurts ,lol. No more throat stretching . great write up on Look into serrapeptaze there too.

Serrapeptaze. , 2 pills twice daily for a month as a therapudic dose. No more nerve [ains in extremidies. cleans you viens out great .nerve nned air and blood ! Calms my head to so dont have exploding feelings. Helps diabetes too. Im the only person in my diabetic family that dont let drs treat mine. lol. Make it so i dont get sick as easy and can go alot longer between meals without getting weird head and naushas. I dont even take my blood sugar. lol.

I take biotin to make my nails strong again so to cut them. man i was messed up ! !v added goody was it took most grey outta my hair. tripped out my stylist .lol. id only leave house once a year to cut hair..........

fish oil , helped lube my eyes and get rid of red skin ruff patches on face and elswhere that seamed to show up overnight soemtimes.. I had no tears left and didnt sweat on one side at all no matter what ! Mix colliodal silver with organic hand lotion from 5 star soaps and rub on redness. I had big red rash between legs and no cant even tell it happened. wild stuff 1 . I had to change all cleaners and stuff. I was too sensitive. Afterrrrrr bathing our dog if wife walked pass me withhhh washed dog in her arms the fumes would burn my throat. Im so sesitive.

Spirolina...5 grams a day .chelates metals from bodies . Help clean your penial gland. its fixing my A.D.D.. Lots of protien too. I drank 2 protiien shakes a day from natures way . Sprirolina and serrapeptaze were even in it too. lol. read about at . actually read about aLL MEDS THERE ,LOL. Can use to fix kids messed up likke me from vaccines.

Total change of diet. Non gmo vegitarian. I eat meat once in a great while after years of not.. I have my veggies and fruit and other stuff delivered 1 time a week . actually i drive and pick it up. Was door to door in town . but i moved to a place where they got great water and is untreated., Im so lucky ,lol. No more red skin rash from shit water shower. if you ever go to burien wa. Dont drink the water ! it will kill your cat, lol. Kidney failier anyone ?

imake my own water to drink with an ecoloblue atmospheric water generator.hehe

milk thisel

high potency vitamin C



folic acid



probiotic from vitacost .best place to get all supplements , saverly cheap ! Dont get any with titanium shit in them !


alfalfa -ph

sodium bicarb tablets 3 daily -ph mines a cancer fighting 8, woot.

Finally , the thing that reversed my m.s.a was Jim Humbles MMS. research it. Theres alot of healing testimonies on youtube. im to shy to make one ,lol. It does so much stuff i couldnt begin to tell you beside reversing the msa good things like being able to handel hotter weather and more humidity without gettign naushas and sufficating like before. Hill , humidity and strong idica wind me still. But i can actually run now. Not like a ace or long distance though , lol. Maybe later ! Afetr the mms my daughter visited and i ran out to her car throwing up shaka sings jumpin up and down . Did the same last time seen dr. years ago now. They expected me to die and i run up throwing shakas man . jumpin up and down. Threw out a couple devil horns too at her , told her im workin on that too .lol. she wrote everythign im telling you. it was the biggest dr. office where they send aids and wasting patients for care that are about to die.

Allopathic wonder drs like the naturalpath that told me to eat twinkies to keep weight up or help it. Guess it odnt matter if you wnat even more pain and heartburn and are about to die . Guess they forgot what my name means

The name diamond is derived from the ancient Greek (adámas), "unbreakable, untamed", from - (a-), "un-" + (damá ), "I overpower, I tame",[7] and is the real-world origin of myths about a superhard metal called adamant.


oh , on the mms i did the 15 drop traetment protocol. 2 times. gained 10 pounds each time . Then i did poolshock kind and bammo , reversersed the wasting. Now gotta watch weight. Yep , back to the real world. I was full blown with symptoms of both types. Can do sex and all again , woot. Viagras for pussies . lol .You got your work cut out for you watching and learning about stuff. Thats for sure. You know , everyone i know that does what i do no longer feel lifes burdens as bad as they were.

id hit the vitamine D , siprolina "great for added energy too " ! angstrom mag and mms and colloidal silver hard. The mms and silver is magical. i woke up muscles that completally stooped working !

Lifes more than wishing to sit up !


I have a 14 y.o. grandson who only ever new me as super sick. This last year i played baseball with him in 90 degree weather for the first time in his life.. He was so happy. He kept saying "this is so awsome ' . Afetr 5 years of healing i mow my own yard again too. Actually after 2 years healing. you know , juts cause these allopathic quacks say your dying and make out a will fast it just doesnt have to be true. Reasearch all ! I got this saying 'get off the dope " levadopa "that is .lol. drs will kill you so fast lol. i was all side effects already , thye just left me to die crying crockdile tears. Het drs. learn some healing.stop killing people !


Sorry how i write. I still forget things alot but i remember washign my hair now lol. I still have visual anomolies and forget how to spell simple stuff . Things move and expand in my vision. Btter than being dead though. Ill take it .lol. If i move around and sit back down at computor it take a bit for my eyes to stop vibrating to see again and focus. I get sketchy in stores and cnat focus on stuff while walkign by. actually , i was so low life force i could turn my head and the picture wouldnt change then it would snap like seing it on a train and after a spit secopnd or so my site would let me see what im looking at. My brain would record the movement and plat it back .wwild stuff. M.s.a. is like that .wild stuff happens ! Man , id almots break my arm when going to bathroom , it wopuld jusr start flinging aropund uncontrolibally when id push. oh ya , i bleeded for 5 years in urine and urine wouldnt even pass , id get crystalized tube come out. Talk abotu low flow. lol. I still have to sit down to pee. I cnat feel it flow or nothing. whew.


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