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Has anyone heard of Dr. Jorge Tuma?

Hi everyone,

Has anyone heard of him and what do you think about this DR.?

I found the name of Dr. Jorge Tuma in National Geographic article:

This is his website:

Googling Jorge Tuma I found out:

- He is visiting professor at Collumbia University, USA.

- He is Jorge Tuma is a member of the ICMS.

- He keeps data of his surgeries, not random.

- His method: injecting the affected organ with stem cells from the patient's own bone marrow.

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There are so many red flags in that article!! For instance the procedure took only 45 minutes I don't believe that having watched somebody go through 2 stem cell procedures it's a lot more complicated than that. 2nd thought in reading the article it's careful not to say they think this is a possible cure. The article is peppered with phrases like "promising" " pretty good success rate" what happen to those who the treatment wasn't a success statistic even the patient " I don't think it's dangerous" . Personally somebody sticking something into an artery in my brain I think is really dangerous. This same research in the USA using the stem cells method has still yet to overcome some major hurdles . One being PD is a disease that effects the cells of the mid brain. Getting the stem cells directly to that area only has yet to be developed. Secondly would you want to be the one whose brain they experiment on to measure their progress. Randomly injecting stem cells into ones body could set off a whole host of other problems . So for now I will stick with meds and DBS if I need it. Just my thoughts!!