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Take a look at "Does it hurt, Granny?" on I was diagnosed in April 2012, in the same year I became a granny. I was so angry and fearful, then defiant. So now I continue to do all the things I wanted to with my grandson and hope those recently diagnosed will be confident enough to do the same. This is the 1st of 5 little books, already helping PwP to talk about Parkinson's without fear. The testimonials on my website speak for themselves. All profits from the sale of these books go to Parkinson's for research and other PD related projects.

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  • Looks good, I've just been involved with PUK in the rewiting of the "my ___ got parkinsons see I think it's far better than any of the others they do

  • Thanks so much. I hope i can get it. Our grandchildren do need help in understanding us. My granddaughter is particularly sensitive to my condition and went through a period when she was worried that I would soon die. Now that I'm doing much better she has more light hearted observations. Like when she was walking like I do in an "off" period and told me , "i'm practicing so I'll know how to walk when I get old." God bless grandchildren!

  • Hello Joanne. Thank you for your comments, which made me laugh. If you have PayPal, you can order the book from my website If not please send me a cheque for £9.99 (£7.99 + £2 for P+P) to Dawn May, 9 Eaton Crescent, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2EJ. I hope your grandchildren will enjoy reading the book with you and be excited to read the further adventures of Jake and Granny in "I'll do it, Granny" - out in the summer. Best wishes Dawn

  • Dawn, Thanks. I'm not in UK but I'll find a a way.

  • If you have PayPal, I can send it to your address anywhere. Postage rates have been calculated for UK, but I'd rather you had a copy, even so. Please take a look on and order. No problem.

  • Thanks Dawn, I've asked a friend in UK to pick it up for me.

  • Great. Looking forward to contact with him/her.

  • My friend just placed the order. Looking forward to it.

  • Thanks Joanne. I'm away from home till Thursday evening but will post it to your friend on Friday morning. Thanks again. Best wishes. Dawn

  • Thanks for your comments about the book "Does it hurt, Granny?" Yes, I was shocked at the official books on PUK website, which exclude the PwP from the conversation, where the adult talks to the child ABOUT the PwP. Also I think they would have had this conversation before the PwP had extreme symptoms. I'm trying to get children and adults to live their lives as they always have done, aware but unafraid of the "P" word. In my final book, "Can we talk about it?, Jake says "Well, it's not very nice that you've got Parkinson's, Granny, but I'm glad we can talk about it and I don't feel frightened any more." There are lovely testimonials on my website which echo that. My very best wishes. Dawn

  • My friend just brought me your book Dawn, It is real sweet. Do you really go bike riding? And with no hands?

  • Well ... not any longer! The 5 volume version of the stories is better. See

  • Yes, I do go cycling and all the other things - but no, not no hands! My young illustrator got carried away :-) I rejoice in being able to do all the things I have always done and make myself do more - I have started to run again after 25 years, and I regularly use a skipping rope for coordination and a thumping good exercise! I am hugely motivated to stay fit and well for my grandson, not yet 2 years old. How will I be over the next 10 years? Still fighting, anyway. "I'll do it, Granny" is being put together now, illustrations nearly complete. We ARE pretty "normal" at early diagnosis, aren't we, so I will continue to celebrate that.

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