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I am back (keep turning up like the proverbial bad penny)

I am back (keep turning up like the proverbial bad penny)

Well I am back to my blogging again. It has been since February so I am way behind. I think I will just tell you what is going on today. I finally made an appointment at Duke University to get a second opinion on my treatment. I have not been happy with the care I had been getting since my doctor left to go do research. I fell down again and this time I hurt myself pretty badly. But I still try to do Pilates and yoga on a weekly basis. I am taking my son to Sevilla, Spain in April 2014 and I am really looking forward to this trip. I hope and pray that I don't fall while I am there but if I do, Ross will help me up and we will keep going.

Remember, never give up on who you are and even if it is just across the room, keep moving!!! I have found that when I do yoga and Pilates, I feel better even if I am not moving very fast!

By the way, I am going to be a Grandmomma !!!!

Love to everyone!!'

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Congratulations to you. the mama looks great. Keep exercising "Use it or loose it"


Congratulations on being a grandparent. I m a grandma to 4...and this grandma fell last night,,spent some time at Traiangle urgent care...nothing broke or misplaced...just sore as hell!...I pray you will like the folks at Duke, I sometimes forward ny HealthUnlocked to my Dr, at Duke.


Congratulations on being a grandparent! It brings such joy to our household. FYI-I bought a three wheeled walker for my husband and he loves it! It makes walking through the house quite fall free. He still uses the four wheeled walker upstairs, but the three wheeled one is so much lighter and easily carried and placed in the car for outside excursions. He also loves using the new Hurry Cane when he feels like he has more mobility. (His only complaint about the three wheeled walker is that it does not have a seat like the four wheeler.) I am so grateful for the array of special products available to keep my husband as independent as possible--if only a cure could be found!


Congratulations, Sadiesadie! Do you know if it will be a boy or girl? Either one will be

wonderful. I have three grandaughters and two grandsons and all of them make my

life happier. So happy for you, Lillee76


H Sadie

Good that you sre back on the site

Yondont explain why you left but good that you are back !!




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