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To those waving the Canadian flag and those of us who aren't

So WPC comes around Montreal 2013. I got sponsored to go, at the last minute, and turned it down. Lots of factors came into play, and I ponder about them, but come to the same conclusion which is for me prioritising illness is not my gig. If I had gone it would have been to help that individual, now thats my only disappointment I won't be there for them. So to those who are going I think like this...... you wave my flag. You represent me, and people like me. These are some of the things I would have done...

1. Congratulate Eli Pollard WPC

2. Thanked the teams on every stand for all they do... Jill would you please

3. Supported PM and especially Jon

4. Supported Sara, she is a star

5. Encouraged PWP to drum

6. Found a nightclub

7. Hugged Phil Beckett & Alex Flynn

8. Wangled free Champagne

9. Worn something out there, but Vicki you can do that

10. Made a point of showing people life with PD can still be good

If you have any messages you want to get across whilst the World of PD is in one place you must write and tell them, they are on Facebook and have a web site..... use your voice...



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Well, I'm happy to wangle champagne on anybody's behalf. Consider it done!


I'm still not sure why you don't wish to be there. You have great respect for a number of key people attending. It is an opportunity to share many of your positive thoughts and further your knowledge and quest for answers. As many of the PM membership have mentioned that past Congresses have been life altering events for them. Why not attend and join us all at the Parkinson's Table? I would look forward to meeting you there. :) Ryan


Thank you Ryan, I had to prioritise and I put my non PD head first which is my focus. I have a busy non-illness world that keeps me I believe so well. I attended Glasgow so I understand your view point. The Congress will be a huge success without me, I am certain people like you will ensure that. Safe Travels :-)


Thank you very much for your contribution on all fronts. Your son has a great mother. Best wishes, I hope that we meet up some day!


I will be there on Friday only. I want to attend the DBS session. I woulfd love to meet other 'Parkies'. If there is aplace and time where groups of us are meeting, let me know. If you want to know more about me check my website


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